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Personal History

Age : 4
Current City State: San Jose, ca
Class : 50cc/ Stacyc
Current Sponsors : Mom/dad
Social Links : @Motomax53_youngbull  4years old with a lot of enthusiasm great attitude and always up for the challenge..

supported by my stepdad (motodad) mom and family with out them non this would be possible I owe to them and my self to show them I’m great and love what I do. 

Riding Goals

Get to super cross! always up for the challenge..  Likes performing tricks on stacyc and Now riding my pw50 with my first race coming up soon .. I’ve Only been riding for 3-5 months and have hit the podium  three times to date .. and I can’t wait to hit it more

Competitive Highlights

Stacyc cup round 1 gold cup winner Stacyc cup round age 4 took 2nd