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Rider Updates

Jul 1 2014

Devils Head ISDE was a couple of days ago, but that was a really tough ISDE. I was really excited that I finished and was the only small bike to finish! Had a great time until the last hill 1 mile from the finish where I went over the bars 3 times. Rain also was a big factor, it rained for days leading up to the event. All in all I finished and had a great race.

May 18 2014

Bike blew up about 60 miles from the finish at the Oregon State Hare and Hound. Sucks that I couldn't finish.

Oct 25 2013

The 2013 season is over and I ended up the high point rider in both the OMRA XC and ISDE series for the JR Expert Class.  The last 3 events I raced my new 105 and really like the extra HP.  2014 is going to be great.

Feb 22 2013

Six Hour Endurance Race is next weekend!! Me and Blake Best are teaming up to do the Endurance series together. Can't wait!! Hope I'm ready.

Dec 2 2012

The season is over and I finished 1st in the OMRA XC series JR Expert class.  That means I can run 1JX next year.  I think I will stay with 23JX, I kind of like it but it is nice to win the series.

We will be racing even more next year and I hope to earn some much needed sponsorships.

The first race is the Hangover Scrambles at Washougal MX on January 1.  It's not for points but it is really fun and you never know what kind of weather to expect.  It's the only time I get to run studded tires at a race, they work pretty good.  Can't wait.


Dec 2 2012

I am a football player as well and I played Safety on defense and a Wide Reciever on offense for the Camas Texans. We lost all of our games but the year was still fun and enjoyable.  My parents won't let me do anything if my grades drop below a B.  Thankfully I am doing well in school so my weekends are full of fun stuff. 

Nov 4 2012

Just raced the 2nd day of the Timber Mountain XC. Got first again with a margain of 6 minutes.  I had a good time racing with some of the adults in the other classes.

Nov 3 2012

Just raced the Timber Mountain day 1 race. I won by a margian of 14 minutes. My trophy was really funny, it is a jar of dirt. :)

Oct 28 2012

GOT A NEW HELMET! It is a Troy Lee Design helmet that is red, turqouise, orange. It looks amazing and it wasn't a whole lot of money.  My sponsorship with AGV did not work out since they did not have my size.   :(


Aug 19 2012

Got my first sponsorship today! My sponsor is AGV Helmets for a nice discount. The helmet I want to buy is $209 with my discount (originally $380).  My dad paid $150 towards the helmet plus the freight so I only had to pay $60 bucks for an amazing helmet! That saved me a bunch of money that I can use to buy new graphics from DecalWorks. (I have another sponsorship offer from DecalWorks that we are going to take advantage of.) I have a total of 11 Sponsorship offers not including my sponsor AGV helmets.

Aug 18 2012

Went to a Poker Run at Diamond Mill OHV Area and that was a really tough place to ride. It was probably the toughest place I have ever riden at. I had a couple of really good crashes. One of them was when I was going down a hill and with a rut and you had to go down it with the back brake locked up and use a little bit of front brake. I had to take off my right leg and I started to use just front brake and that ended up being bad I had to dodge a tree and that ran me into another tree and I rammed my head right into the tree. Then when we were heading back to our truck we were on a gravel road and my back end started to slide out so I was just going to lay the bike over but then the tires got traction and I flipped over and high-sided and when I got up I had something in the corner of my eye and I turned out to be a tiny splinter. When I got back I pulled my five cards and I ended up with a pair of 8's. My pair of 8's got me 5th place. So I didn't have the best of rides today but it was a really good ride and I learned a lot so hitting my head on a tree and high-siding is all in the process of becoming better so overall a good day and the series I am racing in is trying to fight a law that says kids can't ride a dirtbike till they are 16 but it is only on public land that kids under 16 can't ride. :( If it gets passed then kids my age won't be able to ride and my racing series will go down the drain so if you want to help us keep trails open and then anything will help us.

Aug 12 2012

Just got back from a race at Albany MX Park. I had a bad start then I passed 2 people and crashed. I was in last in my class. I just put my head down and charged. I passed about 3 people in my class and passed a couple of Sportman riders. I think I got 4th or 5th but I didn't have enough time to pass anybody else in my class and was just outside the podium. :( The track was cool and they had it watered enough to make me fall again. Didn't have a good race but people were telling me nice charge to get 4th. The only thing good about today was I won some socks in the raffle.

Aug 5 2012

Just got back from the Devan Bolin Fundraiser! Really cool place to ride only had one little probably with a crash because the trails had some loose dirt in them. Overall good ride and good luck to Devan Bolin at Six Days! In the qualifiers he got 3rd overall and was so close to making the Junior Trophy Team.

Aug 4 2012

I don't have any videos on my account but if you want to see a video of me than go on Youtube and type in "Max Harte at the Hangover Scrambles" and a video of me will be there. I have more Gopro videos but they are super long so I will probably make them shorter than I will post them here.

Aug 4 2012

I'm just telling you this but the 6th and 9th place finishes was in a 6hr race and a 12hr race. I was racing in the ironman class with adults and i'm just a kid so I am pretty happy with those results.  I finished and many of the Ironman class entrants DNF.

Aug 4 2012

This site is amazing!! The very first day that I made my account I had 4 sponsorship offers that were great! One of them was from AGV helmets and i'm definetly going to take that offer because it is 45% off. :) Another offer was from Leatt Brace and I want to take that one too but I already have an awesome Leatt.


Aug 3 2012

I got a new IMS twist on and twist off gas cap for free because my old one broke and parts of it went into the gas :( but me and my dad convinced the guy at IMS to give it to us for free and also free shipping. THANKS IMS!!



Jul 29 2012

I came back from a riding school at the Stepper Riding Facility in Yamhill, OR. The track was amazing because they had a really awesome single track. A sick motocross track and a really cool grass track. I had a couple of really good crashes. Also they had a rope swing and Eli Stepper was pushing me and I hit my leg on a broken branch and there was some blood going down my leg :) But the classes and the teachers were awesome and I learned a ton of new stuff!


May 19 2012

Prineville is a very, very difficult race because it is super rocky. A lot of adults think it is way to hard. But there is some really cool jumps there and a really cool whoop section. Prineville also has some muddy ravines in the race that the people make you go through and there are plenty of roots, ruts, rocks, hills and even mud and rocky hills. But overall it is a really cool track that is really good for practice because it has a sick motocross track and some very difficult terrain.  

Dec 25 2011

My dad got me a steering dampener! It helps a ton. I can't wait to use it in the Hangover Scrambles at Washougal MX Park. I ended up getting 2nd in the 15 and under class and 15th overall. If you want to see a GoPro video the race than go to Youtube and type in Max Harte at the Hangover Scrambles. Chris Conway was the one who put the funny song in the video and the one who edited the video. You can also see Chris in the video. He is on a Maco racing the Vintage class and he is #82.