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Personal History

I’ve been riding motocross since I was 4 years old, but only recently in the last 3 years have I started to race competitively.  It has become my life, riding every day I can, strategically training every day to maximize my endurance and strength and eating healthy to maximize my performance.  In just two short years, I went from placing in the middle to top of my class, to now consistently placing in the top 3 every moto of every race this season, with a total of (11) 1st place finishes, (8) 2nd place finishes and (5) 3rd place finishes. I recently moved up to B class, making this decision on my own, knowing I would be moved up soon with my points standings in C class. My ultimate goal is to achieve my Pro license.

In December 2019, I was riding on a backyard track and experienced a traumatic crash on my bike and I thought I might never ride again.  I broke my pelvis, lacerated my spleen and kidney, among several other injuries, adding 6 screws to my pelvis and some pretty nice scars. I spent a week in the trauma unit.  My expected recovery was estimated to take 6 months for bone growth in my pelvis and physical therapy I was told would take longer. I researched  how to make alterations to my diet to increase my bone growth and worked fiercely on my PT as well as my mind to determine a way to heal faster. My trauma and ortho doctors called me “Superman,” and I got the green light to get back on my bike in just 3 months.  Initially, though physically ready to be back on my bike, it was the mental that took longer.  I had the skill and speed, but began struggling mentally with my starts.  For months, I would get starts that were often last in a pack of 20-40 riders.  Yet, I would still consistently place in top 10 of my class, coming from behind and passing sometimes up to 30 riders in one moto to secure placements in the top of my class.  It was my starts that were costing me and I knew if I could improve on this, I would start taking top 3 positions every time.  This was the case in my racing in the 2021 Red Bud Regionals.  Almost every moto, my starts were terrible and often I started each moto in bottom 5 riders, still having to come from behind, passing 10-20 riders in almost every moto, which resulted in a 13th overall finish and missing my chance for Loretta Lynn’s.  I started working hard on my starts, not just my technique, but my mind.  It’s finally clicked and I am now consistently getting hole shots and have been securing mostly 1st place finishes in all of my last races.

I graduated from Kalamazoo Christian High School last year and am employed full-time at OIK Industries.  I know that to keep the pace of my success, I need to secure sponsorships to support me financially and start getting recognized.  I’ve clocked over 180 hours on my 2021 bike in just 9 months. My hope is to pursue this dream of gaining my pro license within the next 1-2 years. I’m determined, committed, focused and passionate about this sport.  I’m defined by my faith, my family and my love for the sport.

Riding Goals

My riding goals are to improve my standings and skills with every race, with ultimate goal of racing professionally and securing my Pro License.

Competitive Highlights

Career Highlights:
  2021 District 14 Season Series Standings as of current:
7th in state in 250 C
Total races this season 66 - 11 races competed in
(4) 1st places
(3) 2nd places
(1) 4th place
7th in state in Open C
Total races this season 66 - 9 races competed in
(4) 1st places
(2) 2nd places
(1) 3rd place
11th in state in Schoolboy 2
Total races this season 66 - 7 races competed in
(3) 1st places
(2) 2nd place
(2) 3rd place
250 B - 3 races competed in
(1) 3rd
(2) 5th
Open B - 2 races competed in
(1) 2nd place
(1) 3rd place
*13th overall in 250C class at Red Bud Regionals in 2021
        2020 District 14 Season Series Standings:
250 C - (1) 1st place, (5) 5th places
Open C - (1) 1st place, (3) 3rd places, (1) 4th place
*23rd overall at Daytona SuperCross 2020