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Personal History

Anguilla is one of the seven known member islands of the Anguilla Islands which is situated in the Southern Caribbean Sea. The Anguilla Islands' total land mass is made up of five islands: Bonaire, Antigua Barbados, Fortuna and Gran Canaria. The population is approximately nine million, which is forty-two percent of Anguilla's total population. Most of the people living in Anguilla are British nationals who emigrated in the early part of the last century and settled in the region.

Obtaining an Anguilla Travel Registration is relatively simple. Filling out an application form can be done at the offices of the Ministry of Immigration and Federal Trade Commission. If the applicant is not a British citizen then he must also present his birth certificate in order to prove his identity. It is also necessary for an Anguilla visitor visa application to contain a copy of his plane ticket as well as his passport when traveling outside the country. These applications take a different amount of time so it is advisable to apply well in advance of your planned travel.

After the application has been submitted, it should be reviewed by the authorities. If approved, the applicant will be issued a copy of the visa grant. However, there is a processing time period of ninety days for applications which are filed through email and the time frame for applications which are submitted through fax is three years. If the applicant wants to apply for a visa that is granted on the basis of his own document rather than by one of the other existing categories, then he must apply for a "Singapore Single Entry" visa. He will need to apply for a Singapore Permanent Resident card and a copy of his passport, which are valid for one year.

The visa grant granted by the "Singapore Single Entry" and "Singapore Multiple Entry", is valid for one-year and can be renewed every year. The applicant can use this privilege to visit Singapore for a stay of not less than six months. This basically means that a person may be granted a visa for a stay which lasts more than one year if the need is there. A valid passport is required for these two categories. For further assistance, it is a good idea to contact the nearest embassy or consulate.

If the applicant is looking for an invitation Russian, they can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They have special departments that specialize in invitations and visas and they are the one responsible for processing Russian visa grants. The procedure of acquiring a visa from the Russian authorities is exactly similar to that of Angola Travel Registration. If applicants have applied for a Russian Visa and have not received a response within five years, they can apply again using the "Singapore Multiple Entry visa number. 8300".

A person may also obtain a permanent resident card by furnishing his fingerprints at the Criminal Records Check office of the Police Department of Anguilla. If the applicant is unable to obtain a visa for any of the above reasons or any other reason, he can apply for a permanent resident card. After obtaining the card, he is entitled to live in Anguilla for fourteen consecutive years provided that he has not registered or applied for an indefinite stay before. The card contains all information about the card holder, including his name, title and birth date. It also includes his signature. The card's validity is maintained throughout the holder's life. No additional copies can be made unless the Registry of deeds grants special permission.