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Personal History

I began riding at 8 years old on a TTR-90. My father made it a point to make sure I knew how to ride in the woods and always wanted to compete in local Hare scrambles but never got around to doing it for whatever reason. Once I graduated to a yz85 we took weekend trips to trail systems in West Virginia and Kentucky and rode the Hatfields & McCoy’s Trail systems around the Appalachian mountains. Plenty of struggles and learning occurred during these rides. After I outgrew the 85 I stepped up to a yz250f. I rode it for a few years around our yard at home and a few parks around central Indiana but never got out of state. I only competed in one race at the Hancock County fair at age 16 and unfortunately didn’t make the main event due to some confusion with a flagger and the laps completed. After a few years on the 250f I enlisted in the Marine Corps and spent four years in Hawaii unable to ride anything during my time in service. Once I got out of the Marine Corps I bought my current bike, a KTM 450-SXF, from my step father and have been riding it for about a year. I’ve been getting used to riding again in the woods and on local and private tracks around my home in Fountaintown, Indiana. Going into my second year racing off-road I want to improve myself both on and off the track. I have lost a significant amount of weight so far and plan on developing my fitness to better fit my goals of competing as a racer. My family and I are very appreciative of all the help we have and will receive through this program.

Riding Goals

My family and I have recently started our own race team, Heavy-Duty MX. Competing in hare scrambles has always been one of my biggest goals and using our race team, we’re planning on promoting ourselves and sponsors at each race. I’ve decided to begin racing in the C open bike class in the MWXC in Indiana beginning March 2021. My ultimate goal is to work my way up to the pro class within the next three years and when I’m financially able, work my way into the GNCC. I’ve always done my best riding in the woods and feel as though I would be most competitive in the cross country setting. If I’m able to find the time I would also like to develop my skills on the race track as well and compete in amateur MX races around Indiana. My goals for the 2022 season are to attend and finish more races as well as improve my final position and ranking at the end of the season. I want to keep up with the better riders in order to move up a class in 2023.

Competitive Highlights

Because of having priorities that out weighed racing this season, my son born in January, and multiple bike issues, I wasn't able to compete in the majority of the races in the series my family team joined up with. However I plan on competing in more races in 2022 to develop myself as a racer and all around rider. My final ranking for the season was 49th out of 107 racers. Having never raced before I'm proud of my first year results but I'm always looking for ways to improve myself and trying to find learning points.