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Personal History

Hey my name is Michael Couey. I'm 21 years old, my best friend and I have a small flooring company that we maintain and have a full motocross life that     I pay for Myself.  Hard at times but very worth it hahaha.  I started riding at a young age of 5 and rode for many years. Now Im finally able to get back into the sport,  win some races, and take home the golds!

ps. I can put my sponsors in my videos 

I have a growing tik Tok account my most viewed video is at 350 thousand views and 15k likes

Riding Goals

my riding goals are to become well know for something that I simply love to do. and know for my sick edits 

I really want to build super cross tracks too  

ps. I will put my sponsors in my videos 

Competitive Highlights

ask my trophies