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Personal History

I'm 47 years old.  I started out at age 13 racing 3 wheelers. So when my son got interested in the mx racing sport I was all for it. I purchased an YFZ450 quad to race. The only problem was the quads and motorcycles weren’t always racing at the same location at the same time. At the end of 2006 I sold my quad and purchased an YZ250F. I have raced one series at Dade City Motocross (2007). It didn't turn out all bad. I finished the series out ending up forth in the points standings in the Plus 35 C Senior class out of 62 different racers. As for the 2008 season I rode in the Florida MX Series in the 125/250 D and the +30 C classes. It turned out to be a real good season for me finishing up the points standings in 4th place in both classes. As for my 2009 season I raced the Florida MX Series Finishing up 4th in the +30C class and 1st in the 250/450 D class. I have recently purchased a KX 450 from Kissimmee Motor sports and also received sponsorship through them for the 2010 season. I've been off a bike since 2011 my son and grandson started back this year (2018) so i decided to ride again. I purchased a 2018 yamaha 250 f and started racing in Dade City in the +35 & +45 classes.

Riding Goals

 My main goal is to stay injury free, at 47 years old I can't afford to get hurt and miss work. I would also like to practice more so I can be a front runner anywhere I choose to race.

Competitive Highlights

In 2009 I raced the Florida MX Series in the +30C class and the 250/450D class. I was 4th in the points standings in the 30C and 1st in the 250/450D.