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Personal History

I am 19 years old and I love racing motocross. I'm currently enrolled in school as a freshman in college. I am an easy going, down to earth kind of guy, but I am also extremely serious about my fitness and I am always pushing myself and trying to new ways to improve myself. I plan on racing nationals this year and qualifying for Loretta Lynn's in the 250/450 B (intermediate) class. I am focused and I plan on accomplishing my goals for this year, I just need some support because racing isn't a cheap sport. I have been riding since I was 4 years old and I started racing when I was 7. I started off racing locally and within a year I started racing nationally. I have raced in National competitions such as "World Minis," "Mammoth Lakes," and "Washougal." In 2010 I suffered from an injuring resulting in broken clavicle, fractured rib and a collapsed lung. Shortly after recovering from this accident I dislocated my shoulder in 2011. After months of rehabilitation I started training and getting back into racing. Now it is 2013 and I am in the best shape of my career looking forward to racing nationally and locally. 

Riding Goals

My riding goals for this year are to be able to race nationally at competitions such as "Washougal," "Mammoth lakes," and "Loretta Lynns." I plan on moving up to pro for next year and I plan on racing all of the amateur nationals. After that I have the goal of getting my pro liscense and beginning my professional career. 

Competitive Highlights

I have raced nationally since the age of 8. In my last national race, which was Mammoth lakes in 2010, I raced the 450 B class and School boy. I made all of my main events.