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Personal History

My name is Michael burns and I love to ride my dirtbike so much, it’s my whole entire life! Growing up as a kid we kinda struggle not bad but a little bit I still rode and did fun stuff but never had the push to really wanna go out there and ride. Things have got more easy as I’ve grown up I’m 19 years old now and I work construction everyday to pay for what I want to do and that is race!!! 

Riding Goals

My riding goals are pretty simple a straight forward, i wanna win and advance, win and advance 

Competitive Highlights

I’ve beeen a very competitive person my whole life always wanted to try my hardest to be the best I remember growing up I played baseball and I was very good at it and won lots of games and championships I could almost say we won to much hahah went threw 2 undefeated season in a row with winning the championship both years. So I like to win and I like the process of losing even tho I haaate to loose it’s good cuz it makes you want that win even more!