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Rider Updates

Mar 24 2008

PTI Racing has started doing some cross country racing here in Oklahoma and are having a blast!  Our whole team and the parents have really been getting involved and we want to thank OCCRA for puting on these events.

Jan 29 2008

PTI Racers take Championship in 7 classes.

Congratulations Grant, Lindsey, Jamison and Jake!

Oklahoma AX Series 2007


GRANT CASEBEER 50cc 4-6 255

KURT PATTON 50cc 7-8 240
GAVEN SPRINGER 50cc 7-8 230
SAMANTH WALKER 50cc 7-8 227

GRANT CASEBEER 50 Open (No Beg) 238

LINDSEY WALKER 65cc 6-8 268

JAMISON FARRIS 65cc 9-11 263
JAKE GORDON 65cc 9-11 251
TY SMITH 65cc 9-11 217
TREVOR JONES 65cc 9-11 207
KANE LEACH 65cc 9-11 149

JAMISON FARRIS 65cc Open (No Beg) 243
TY SMITH 65cc Open (No Beg) 218
TREVOR JONES 65cc Open (No Beg) 217
LINDSEY WALKER 65cc Open (No Beg) 185

BLAYKE STORM 85 Beginner 206
HUNTER CARTER 85 Beginner 168

JAKE GORDON 85 Jr.7-11 231
DALTON WILLARD 85 Jr.7-11 151

JACOB CHAPMAN 80 Sr. 12-15 223
BRAXTON RIDGWAY 80 Sr. 12-15 155
JONATHON VOYLES 80 Sr. 12-15 108

JACOB CHAPMAN 80 Open (No Beg) 247
BRAXTON RIDGWAY 80 Open (No Beg) 169
DALTON WILLARD 80 Open (No Beg) 127

LAYNE PECHIN 125 Intermediate 239

Dec 8 2007

 We are off to a good start.  5 riders 9 different classes.  Podium finishes for all.  New bikes on the way and lots of practice time.

Oct 25 2007

After a short break from the Branson, MO. Nationals, PTI Racing Team riders start training for the Arenacross Series.
Our team riders are very excited about our new and continued sponsorship support and are trainig to put themselves back on the podium as the AX champions for the 3rd year in a row.

Thank you to ALL of our sponsors!

Oct 14 2007

Jamison Farris #058 makes the main at the Branson Nationals. After 3 grueling days of qualifying, Farris finishes 12th overall in the Super Pee-Wee Main and 27th in the 60cc Open Main after 3 crashes.

Congratulations Son, PTI Racing is proud of you! Get ready for some intense physical training. We are out of the 50cc bikes now and we will be racing the 60's and we have 2 new Suzuki 85's ordered. Thank you to ALL of our sponsors who helped make this happen!

Sep 21 2007

PTI Racing would like to thank all of our sponsors for 2007 and wish to continue our product support program for our team riders again for 2008. Without your help, we could not have pulled this off. We will be attending the OSCS awards banquet this month. We have been taking a wew week break because of the heat but we all be starting the Arenacross series in November and will be going to the Branson Nationals. Congratulations to team rider Jamison Farris for placing 1st in the Qklahoma State Championship Series in the 6-9 50cc stock class and 3rd in the 50cc mod. Thank all of you again!

Michael Lawrence Team Manager PTI Racing

Sep 21 2007

Sep 21 2007

May 1 2007

After a spectacular Arenacross crash in January at the Xtremeworld Arenacross Series, Lawrence sustained a torn MCL, and a massive hyperexstension of his left leg. PTI Racing's sports medicine DR. Robert A. Paulsen (Omni Medical Group) has givin a date of May 30th to return to light training and competition. "It has been a long painful experience" says Lawrence. Although you will see Lawrence with the PTI Racing Team at every local and Oklahoma State Series event with knee brace and all, he has proven that even an injury of this sevarity can be overcome with the right Doctor and staff behind you. Intense physical therapy, proper bracing and staying completly off of the bikes during the healing process has been cruicial to his recovery. "I want to personally thank OMNI Medical Group, Dr. Robert A. Paulsen and his staff for helping me get through this injury. My sincere thanks to all of you and a special thanks to all of our PTI Racing family! I could'nt have done it without all of you!"

PTI Racing proudly welcomes OMNI Medical Group and Dr.Robert A. Paulsen as a PTI Racing sponsor for the 2007-2010 racing seasons!

Apr 25 2007

Michael Lawrence, President of Progressive Technology & Innovations, a nationwide supplier of Automotive Satellite/GPS Tracking Systems based in Tulsa, Oklahoma has formed a motorcycle race team, "PTI Racing" comprised of about 5 to 8 hand picked up and coming young amateur racers that compete at local, state, regional and national levels. This includes Motocross, Arenacross, flattrack and will be expanding to Supermoto and go-carts. Our team members are chosen according to certain criteria including, age, riding ability, sportsmanship, conduct, maturity, commitment to the sport, a clear need of support and overall finishes to name a few. We carefully choose riders who represent different age brackets and racing classes to represent PTI Racing and it's sponsors.
Michael Lawrence is the team owner, team manager, coach and public relations representative for PTI Racing.
PTI Racing is actively seeking selective product sponsors to help our team as a whole to grow and expand which will help further our efforts in assisting our "SuperStars" of tomorrow by becoming recognized as true champions who will represent PTI Racing and it's sponsors in a positive and professional light.
PTI Racing represents our sponsors in a professional manner and advertises said sponsors proudly on and off the track. Without the assistance of teams and sponsors, a lot of talented racers would never get the opportunity to compete at their true level and abilities.