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Rider Updates

Mar 19 2023

Round 3 did not go as planned. Halfway through the first lap, I layed the bike over and put a hole in the radiator hose. First and hopefully the last DNF of the season.

Mar 7 2023

Round 2 in the books! Finished 7th place. Still have some work to do on the bike. Still is not where I want it to be. Just working hard and staying with it. Thank you to all my sponsors this year!

Feb 20 2023

First race of the season did not go as well as I would have hoped. Finished 10th, but the bike and I were not as ready as I had hoped. Parts are on the way to get the suspension dialed in more and hopefully get a better result for round 2. 

Feb 6 2023

It is official! I am signed up for the 2023 OCCRA race series. I will be racing in the XC2 Class as number 202A. Already got new graphics on order from my sponsor Decal Works!

Jan 26 2023

It has been a couple years since I have been able to race because of the military. But, it is lining up for me to race this season. Sign up for 2023 OCCRA season is Feb 4th. This will be an exciting year. I have added another bike to the pack. Finally going to give the 4 strokes a try with a fuel injected WR450F. The short amount of time I have put on the bike has been great. I have lined up most of my sponsors for the 2023 season and I look forward to representing each one. After season sign up and have my new number assigned I will order new graphics.

Oct 10 2015

Today was Rd 12 Reynard Raceway the last round of OCCRA. I used this race as my work weekend so I could qualify for end of year awards and to help my point’s average. So far it looks like I will still get a top 10 in points finish in my Vintage class. I was hoping for a top 10 finish in my Sportsman class also but I have had to miss too many races this year due to issues out of my control. I appreciate all of the support from all of my Sponsors this year. For a lot of them this was the second year for having them and a couple this is the first year. I apologies for the poor results. I am currently in the middle of building a track at my ranch to practice no matter the weather this off season. I want my body and my bike in the best condition for next year. Barring any more craziness like this year I should be able to reach my goal of top 10 in both of my classes. I will be entering into the 30 plus Amateur in OCCRA this next season and leaving Sportsman behind.

Sep 13 2015

This past weekend was Rd 10 of OCCRA at Cowboys with Toys off road park. This track is very rocky, rough, and riddled with stumps. My Saturday race did not start out to good. After my bike not starting on the line and loosing three minutes, I fought my way back up to third place and posted faster times on laps two-four then second place but was not able to catch and pass. Then during Saturday night practice for my Sunday race neither the bike nor I could get it together. So, I called off racing Sunday not feeling comfortable with the whole situation. Two more rounds left, lets see if I can finish a whole race weekend. Thanks again to all my Sponsors for hanging in there through this tough year.

Jul 26 2015

Just wanted to let all my Sponsors know that all of my gear and trailer has been recovered. I will be getting back on the bike and practicing as much as I can. I will be giving it my all to see how many points I can recover. I have only four races left in the season. Wish me luck!

Jun 14 2015

I wanted to let all my sponsors know about the recent events that have unfolded. Last week while I was deployed my truck and race trailer was stolen from my house. My truck has been recovered but my race trailer with all of my gear and tools are gone. I was smart enough before I left to remove my dirt bike and ATV but my sons bike and all of our race gear, spare parts, and tools were all inside. I am trying to recover the basics so I can save this season but not sure if I can do it.

Apr 25 2015

OCCRA 2015 Rd 5 Make Promises Happen. This round I only raced in the Vintage class. I am still recovering from my knee injury that happened in Rd 4. I managed a 5th place finish even with my knee hurting and not getting my bike properly set up for this track. The section of the track used for the Vintage class was pretty tight with only a couple wide open sections. The bike ran great other then suspension not being dialed in for this type of hard pack. The bike was very loose through the tight turns and would push. with the bike doing this I did not have the confidence to push the bike. The few times that I tried, I paid for it.

This was also a very special event. This is the first event that my 6 year old son raced in. It was a special training wheels race. He was very competitive and managed a 4th place finish. It was awesome to watch him race.

Apr 13 2015

This past weekend was OCCRA Rd 4 at Sundog Trails. This was a fast and very sandy track. The bike did good and I felt great on it. Did have a couple spills but nothing too crazy. There were a lot of bike in the class this weekend. I felt like I did pretty good but with a 20th overall finish I am not impressed. I am hoping this is not a sign of things to come for this year. I have been trying to get on the bike more to practice but the rain is not letting up for long here in Oklahoma. When we get a lot of rain then a lot of the trails are closed to practice. I will keep working on me and the bike and see what we can get done in the next few races. Thanks again to all my sponsors, I could not do it without you. 

Mar 29 2015

This weekend was OCCRA Rd3 at Terbush Ranch. Had a great practice, the track was awesome and the bike was fast. Unfortunately while I was at the starting line warming the bike up it started to spew oil. This resulted in a DNF. This year has not started out great at all. I will be tearing down the bike in hopes of it being something small and I will be able to have it ready in two weeks before the next race. Thanks again to all my sponsors and I will be trying my best to pull this season together and finish strong.

Mar 17 2015

This past weekend was Rd 2 of OCCRA 2015. This turned out to be the first race of the season. Rd 1 was moved to the rain date. I did not have the result that I wanted at all, finished 22 out of 35 riders. This weekend was the worst that I have ever finished. I had a crash in the first lap due to being caught up in traffic at a very technical section, this caused me to land on my right arm. For the next two laps or so I was having a hard time holding on to the bike and using the front brake. I am happy that I was at least able to finish. My arm is starting to feel better and I know I can come back from this poor finish. I still have 11 more rounds to get my points back up and see about getting some podium finishes.

The bike ran great, it is the best this bike has run in years. Thank you so much to all of my sponsors, I could not do it with out you. I have some things in the works for Paul Racing and I hope to be sharing them soon.  

Feb 15 2015

I have this years new graphics with my awesome sponsors on them. I have uploaded the pictures to my profile. Only two weeks away from the start of the OCCRA race season. I have not rode as much as I would have liked due to some bad weather and bike testing and tune issues. All is sorted now and ready to roll. 



Jan 23 2015

I have the bike back together and I am currently doing test and tune. So far it is going great. I will be doing some rock tuning this weekend at Cross Bar Ranch in Davis OK. As soon as the new plastics and graphics arrive I will post pictures of it. Thanks again to all my sponsors for making this happen.

Dec 29 2014

Off Season Update

I wanted to give my sponsors an off season update. I currently have my bike apart for the rebuild and to fix and replace parts on the bike. I should have everything back together in a week or two. I have already signed up to race in OCCRA and OHSCS for 2015. My goal for the 2015 season is all top 5 finishs and to get more top 3 finishes.

I have an extensive workout and riding regiment planned to get me and my bike dialed in for the new season. I will update more once I get the bike back together and I will update with pictures and video of my practices.

Oct 19 2014

Last Race of the OCCRA 2014 season, was Rd 10 Fry Lake make up. This was a fun and beautiful track. It has some fast sand sections with double tracks through the woods along with some nice tight technical tracks with rocks. This track had alot of elevation changes with about 5 creek crossings. It was a great way to end the season. I look forward to doing it again next year. I will still be racing the odd ball races until then and taking the time to tear the bike down and get it ready for next year. Thanks again to all of my sponsors this year, I could not have done it with out the support. I hope to have all of you back in my corner for next year.

Oct 12 2014

Round 12 of OCCRA 2014 was at Buckhorn ATV park in Ada Oklahoma. This track was a fast open track with a lot of high speed spots and not many technical areas. I managed an 8th place finish, while riding with the injury from the round 11 race. I still need to work on my motocross style jumping, I am not hitting the jumps at speed so I lose time when I roll over them. This is something I will work on in the off season. I have one more race of this OCCRA season which is a Rd 10 make up race due to weather. Thanks again to all of my sponsors that keep my bike and I in the race and competing at a level that I did not expect for the first year out.

Sep 28 2014

Today was OCCRA Rd 11 at Lone Tree Ranch. Rd 10 was rained out and will be made up at the end of the season. This race today was the first time OCCRA raced at this location. Lone Tree Ranch is a non-profit that brings wounded and disabled vets to the ranch for an all expenses paid trip to hunt and fish on the land and they have a great Lodge for them to stay at. Being Military myself it was a great pleasure and pride to ride at this place and help raise money to help them out. This was a very sandy and rocky course that only got worse by the time the race started for my class. Even with the conditions rapidly deteriorating this was my best OCCRA finish yet with a nice 4th place. Had some big spills that I know cost me a podium spot but even with the spills I was happy to pull off 4th. Not sure if this finish will move me up in the points standing or not. I am currently 6th with three more races to go. I'm hoping for a top 5 finish in the points if not a podium finish. Thanks once again to all of my sponsors.

Aug 31 2014

Today was Rd 9 of OCCRA 2014 at Terbush Ranch. This was a good track with a lot of elevation changes and fast single track woods sections. The track during practice was perfect. Most of the sections were still damp from the rain earlier in the weekend and sand sections were at a minimum. By the time my race was ready to start at 1 p.m., the track had dried out a lot. The only places that were still damp were in the woods. That made for some interesting spots for me.   I finished 7th in this race after a few falls in sandy turns. Big Thanks to all my sponsors that keep me and my bike going. With this number 7 finish I am now in the 7th spot overall for my class. With only 3 races left, lets see if I can break into the top 5.

Aug 10 2014

Today was the first race after a complete overhaul of my suspension. I raced in a new series here in Oklahoma called Land Run GP. It was their second race of the Summer Series, and I raced in the B Open class. The bike was on rails and would go where ever I pointed it. With the help of the new suspension from Race Tech and all of my sponsors from Lucas Oil keeping my bike running in this hot weather to USWE keeping me hydrated and all of my other Sponsors, I walked away with a 3rd place overall finish after running two Motos. First podium of the year, a big thanks to everyone and I am honored to represent all of my Sponsors

Jun 29 2014

OCCRA Rd 2 Bike make up Reynard Raceway

Today was the make up race for the bikes at Reynard Raceway. The first race was cancelled due to weather for the bikes. This was a fast track with a mix of Motocross track and wood sections. After a crash on the first lap, my pace was off and I felt like I was fighting the bike. The Rekluse clutch that I installed really helped in some of the muddy up hill sections to help me keep momentum and the bike from stalling. Even after this modification of the bike, I still feel like the suspension needs to be addressed in a big way. OCCRA is currently on a summer break until the end of August. I will take this time to get my fitness up more and to get the bike where I think it needs to be to get me into the top 5. I want to thank all of my sponsors for keeping my bike and I fueled and geared up with all I need to get to the finish line.

May 18 2014

Rd 6 OCCRA race at Cross Bars Ranch in Davis OK. The track was a great mix for technical rock sections and fast flowing wooded sections. I had a 7th place finish, could have and should have been better but made some very costly mistakes. I had a giant mud hole that I avoided the first and third laps but lap two I decided to go for it and did not make it. Thanks to all my sponsors, Twin Air, Gaerne Boots, Choice Hotels, Smith Optics, ASV, Decal Works, Matrix Concepts, Virus International, Leatt Brace, and my two new sponsors USWE, and Lucas Oil #UnleashtheChampion. Photos and videos will be up this week.

Apr 13 2014

Rd 4 Redline ATV park.  This was a pretty fast track with tight wooded sections with rocky up hill and down hills.  These sections would open up to two motocross tracks with nice jumps and wide sweeping turns. Had some issues with slower riders not giving way and making it difficult to pass. Lessons have been learned in this race and adjustments have been made to the bike. Thanks to all my sponsors for keeping my bike and I looking good and performing great. Hope to break back into the top 10 next race and stay there. 

Mar 30 2014

Rd3 OCCRA 2014 at Cowboys with Toys off road park in Talihina, OK

This race was amazing, a very technical course with a lot of elevation changes with big rocks, water crossings, mud, and loose sand. It put myself and the bike to the test and we both made it out without a scratch. We did not look pretty with all the mud but no broken/missing parts on either me or the bike. Thanks to all my sponsors that keep my bike looking great and performing at peak performance.

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