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Personal History

I'm Michael Todd, 17. i've rode since i was 5, but i got my first dirt bike when i was 7. i've rode ever since. i love the sport, and the community, and i love the track. i've rode trails and free rode alot to some amazing spots. I've got several buddies that race or used to.  i've always wanted to. i spend alot of time at i40 motorcross in knoxville. i wish i had the chance to race, but i come out of a lower class family. i've got to the point where it's hard to buy chains and sprockets and oil and filters, etc. i signed up hoping that a sponsorship would help push me forward to persue my dream. i ride daily on my property, berms, doubles, trails, ruts, ect. i'm also enrolled in school for my motorcycle mechanics degree. i live, eat, dream, watch, and think, dirtbikes. My family has tried to give me everything but a dirtbike is all they could do. I got an xr70r when i was a kid and a cr125 and now i'm at a crf450r, and i've always loved my red machine. i've always loved the smile and freedom it gives me. When you're riding with your friends, it doesn't matter what you ride, how much money you have, or what color you are. It's about riding and that's a brotherhood anyone can share.

Riding Goals

I've always wanted to race, whether track or hare scrambles. i love the technicality of motorcross sports in general. the training, endurance, skill, and the risks. My cousins and friends have for years, since we was kids. I just never had the money, so freeriding is how i spend my weekends. If i wasn't at the track watching and helping however i could.