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Personal History

i am 16 years old. my passion has been motocross ever sence i was little. i love to ride my dirt bike it is all i ever talk about. i practice everytime i get the chance and i love to experience new tracks. i am working on getting better quality products to help me get better. my thought is if i get better products my bike will run better and then i will be able to get my suspension set perfect for me because i am to light for my bike as it is now. All my friends and family including my girlfriend back me about riding and they say i live,breath,eat,sleep,and dream motocross.

Riding Goals

My goals for the up coming year are to get better at turning my dirt bike so i can get faster on the race tracks and get better at running through ruts. my second goal for the upcoming year is to get stronger so i can control my dirt bike better and get sponsors so i can improve on my riding ability because i want to become a professional competitor some day.

Competitive Highlights

some of my competition highlights are when i got my first second place finish on my new 250f. my other competition highlight was when i just got back from a broken leg i went to a motocross race and placed second the very next day after getting my cast off.