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Rider Updates

Mar 23 2007

Still awaiting some catalog's

Oct 18 2006

I have been just riding and training alot, Iam really getting into the cycling, I have been riding 3 days a week for a consistant 20 miles and on my off days I either do light weights or a 2-3 mile jog. It has really paid off in my endurance. I can ride a 20 minute moto and finish strong. It has also helped me become alot more aggressive and able to throw the bike around and feel alot more comfortable.

Sep 20 2006

I have Come back the the great state of Texas after spending several months in Orange County California. I did alot of off the bike training, Including road biking and running and light weights. I rode a few tracks, Star west,sadleback Elsinore ETC. It really helped my skills dramtically when I got back 8/13/06 I went riding with my old crew in Dalls Fortworth area. The tracks in California taught me alot about creative line selection and just how rough a real track can be. I havent raced since summer of 2005 due to Spending time In California and finishing up my associates degree. Iam ready and have the speed and mental setting to take on the 125 C class in North texas and regional surrounding states. I cant wait to get out there and post some of my hard working accomplishments, My first big series will be the FmF Honda of Houston winter series I cant wait.