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Rider Updates

Oct 26 2018

Getting ready for the last 2 rounds. Currently sitting 2nd overall 

Mar 8 2018

Finally feeling good enough to get back in the garage. Bike is a little rougher then I thought. Bearings are in pretty bad shape. Unfortunately there's not enough time to get a new set in order so, cleaning these up and going to have to run them this weekend.  Luckily wheel bearings and swing arm bearings are still in good shape. Gonna be a long next 2 days, but she should be good to go this weekend. 

Mar 7 2018

Been sick for the last 4 days, which is defiantly not a good thing, however starting to get over it.  Way behind on the bike, so I'm going to have to prioritize what I can get prepped by this weekend. The Good news is I have been selected to compete in BallZapolloza 5 this year.  Extremely excited to get the opperyinity to compete against these guys. I've also signed on with TexPlex park for the 2018 season. 

Mar 4 2018

With all the rain haven't been able to get any seat time in this week.  Having to substitute rowing and running.   Definitely ready to get back in the dirt though.  

Mar 2 2018

Over the last 4 months I have been preparing for the 2018 Texas Cross Country Racing Association season. My training program has inlcuded strict diet, cardio, weight training, as well as lots of seat time. I have increased my endurance to 6 mile runs, lost 30 lbs of weight, and become an overall faster more flexible rider. With the new addition of Extreme enduro, it has taught me to work on technique, balance, as well as throttle control.  This week, my machine is torn down for maintenance, and I look forward to round 1 next weekend.