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Personal History

Hi my name is, Mike Nuse,

I come from a long family line of dist 37 desert racing . My dad raced from 1950 to 1970, I started riding when i was five years old, I started racing at tweleve years old back in 1978  to 1994. I then  moved to Idaho and I just got back into racing four years ago. I am loving it more then ever. I race s.i.d.r.a. desert racing and once a year i take w.p.s. sales men on desert rides and i also help kids out on riding and help them acquire skills that they would need to ride in the desert more efficiently and safely.

Riding Goals

M goals this year would be to get number 4 in my class, I currently am number 9 right now. Next year, in 2011, I will be shooting to get the number 1 plate in my class.



Competitive Highlights

I have been racing in the desert since I was 12 years old, I have finished second overall in the Novice class. In 1991, I was riding in the expert class, throughout that year I was always in the top 3, never finishing less than  those three spots. I am very competitive, and will push myself as far as I can go to get better and to obtain the goals I strive for everyday. I practice and ride every week and make sure I stay on the right track to said goals.