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Personal History

I have not raced the past two years, but I am planning to get back into it this summer. I am planning to ride 1-2 times during the week (at our home practice track) to prepare for the weekends. I am optimistic, but am not expecting amazing results right out of the gate. I want to start slow and ease my way back into the flow of things. I hope to see consistent top 10 finishes, and hopefully top 5 by the end of summer. If I can have the support to continue racing through the fall during school I would love to, but I am unsure of that at the moment. I am currently a junior in college, studying to be an accountant. 

Riding Goals

I hope to see results close to top 10 at the local races, although I am really hoping to just stay safe throughout the year and continue to build my speed.


Competitive Highlights


9/24 - Sleepy Hollow 2 Stroke Shootout

125B - 5th

9/10/17 -Pagoda MX

Open 2 stroke - 5th

250B - 3rd

6/10/17 - Pleasure Valley MX - Regional

Collegeboy - 28th

5/21/17 - Pagoda MX

Collegeboy - 6th

Open 2 Stroke - 2nd

4/1/17 - Doublin Gap Mx

250B - 22nd

Collegeboy - 9th



Happy Ramblers MC 6/11/16

250 B 4th

Happy Ramblers MC 8/14/16

250 B 9th

Open B  9th


8/4 Pagoda MC 250 C - 7th Open C - 6th

7/28 Sleepy MX 250 C - 4th Open C -7th

7/7 Pagoda MC 250 C - 16th Open C- 7th

6/30 Sleepy MX 250 C - 6th Open C - 5th

6/9 Happy Ramblers 250 C - 5th Open C - 5th


7/22 Evansville MX 250 C - 3rd Open C - 7th

5/6 Sleepy MX 250 C - 11th