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Personal History

I started dirtbiking when i was 3 years old. my dad got me into it and ever sense then i just love to practice and race motocross. last year i raced the district 16 seires in wisconsin and couldnt get enough of it. each time i was placing better, riding better, and having a better attitude. 2013 ice racing series was very fun. raced open b and open am. gp took alot of 1st and 2nds mainly my brother and i cause we battle alot. i would like to race this year with some sponsers because money is been pretty tight and i would like to move out of my parents house and still being able to race knowning repairs and such would be cheaper.

Riding Goals

practice cornering in ruts.

put in more laps for endurance.

practice scrubs.

practice holeshots.


Competitive Highlights

battleing on the ice was intense. i raced open b the whole year taking alot of 1st's and a couple 2nd's. the last race on the ice i raced 450 pro. took 1st in the first heat and 2nd in the main. (its nice getting money back) :)

here is a video link of me racing 450 pro in hatfield, wi.