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Personal History

I am Mitra Mohammadi with a bachelor's degree in graphics and I have been working in the field of content production for the site and digital marketing since I was a student for about 8 years. Also, خرید بک لینک و رپورتاژdue to my interest in graphics, I have participated in 3D and Illustrator training classes separately,  and I am also proficient in logo design and motion graphics. لینک سازی pbnI have also worked with video editing software such as Premier and After Effects and I have a good command of it.
Two days a week, خرید بک لینک قویI teach students at a lower cost, and I think teaching is one of life's pleasures because you can share your experience with more people, and it gives me an indescribable feeling.

In my free time I read books and listen to music. بک لینک خارجیI believe that music is the only thing that can calm us down and bring our hearts closer together in this tumultuous world. Music is the common language of all hearts.