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French Polynesia, situated on the southernmost tip of the South Pacific is famous for its exquisite panoramic beauty and tranquil environment. Although it isn't as big as uninhabited Vanuatu, it is surely a beautiful spot to see whether you wish to spend a week relaxing or with a holiday of a life. Visitors have the choice of staying at the luxurious resorts that dot the island, or if you would prefer a more modest accommodation you could choose a French Polynesian homestay or leasing apartment. The weather Polynesia is mainly humid but with occasional showers that are no issue for visitors to get accustomed to. Visitors often describe the scenery as one of the most beautiful they have ever seen.

If you are interested in visiting the tropical islands completely then there are several activities you can partake in while you are on holiday in French Polynesia. Cruising has long been a favorite way for people to get to the islands, together with the bigger cruise ships visiting each of those islands at least once during the year. You may check out the scenery from the deck of a ship during port visits, taking in the scene and scenery as you sail by. There are many stores also on board, where you can purchase souvenirs from what is generally the pristine white sand beaches. If you choose to shop without being tied down to a schedule you can visit the numerous shopping malls that dot the island, many of which have cafes and restaurants.

Among the most well-known activities for visitors to French Polynesia are shore sports. Many hotels and hotels provide parasailing, banana boating, surfing and windsurfing. The crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean provide ideal conditions for all these activities to be enjoyed to their full potential. Regrettably, due to the lack of open sea from the French Polynesia region, parasailing and windsurfing could only be appreciated if the waters are fairly calm. In addition, as a result of bad weather conditions experienced throughout the entire year, the water may be too deep for the most experienced of swimmers.

While in French Polynesia you might choose to take a day trip to Tahiti. Here, you will understand the enchanting beauty of the Andaman Sea. A white sandy beach awaits you with warm water, white sand beaches and lush forests all around. This region is best reached by air, and there are direct flights from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Tamanu every day. This is a good way to get some much needed vitamin D in your body before heading straight back to French Polynesia.

You may opt to venture further afield and see the several islands which French Polynesia is composed of. There are several resorts here where you can stay for either short or long intervals. Some of the most well-known activities include hiking and horseback riding, kayaking, diving, snorkeling and sailing. If you prefer to party then you'll be delighted to know that there are bars and clubs with live music in French Polynesia all year round.

French Polynesia can be home to some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. They have an interesting method of welcoming you into their homes. If you're fortunate enough to arrive in the islands around the first day of your holiday, then you'll be greeted with beautiful French women who are eager to visit you and take you shopping. In fact, French Polynesia has some of the best shopping malls and shopping capitals of the world. Shopping in French Polynesia can be great fun, as you can visit boutiques and shops to buy things to take home with you. A number of the most well-known items include clothing, jewelry, accessories, sport equipment, and toys.