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Personal History

    Started racing at 6 riding at 3 I ride Kawasaki Honda and Suzuki. Racing is my life

Riding Goals

my goals are to be a sponsored racer someday and go to my favorite track that is three hours away and be able to go to a few paradox races and practices. I'd like to try to go to a new track. I hope to win a few champion ships also. I hope to complete a backflip once in my life and possibly compete in a supercross race at least once.

Competitive Highlights

fastest lap time at rider Hill VT on a 50cc in 2014, 1st lace champion ship 65cc on a 2004 kawasaki. I got 2nd place overall in youth c. I got 2nd overall for supermini. I got 1st overall for 85c. I was the first kid to jump a 50 foot table and clear it. I battled for first on a supermini race and won overall for the day. I am leading in all my classes YouthC, supermini and 85c. I am currently in first place in the series for three classes.