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Personal History

Beginning to Present Summary
I was born in Kailua Hawaii July 16th 1983
My first race was in Mammoth 1996. I only had a bike for 2 weeks and stalled my bike in both starts. I returned to Mammoth 2 years later and won all 3 classes and all 6 races 125 Nov. 250 Nov. and Open 4 Stroke Nov.
I spent about 3 years in the 125/250 Nov/Int. class racing and winning several amateur nationals 97/99 including Mammoth and  World Mini in Las Vegas.

I was an AMA professional licensed Motocross racer in 2000-2001

I joined the United States Marine Corps shortly after Sept.11th,  2001 and deployed May 2002 at age 18

I was an MFJ Professional Licensed Motocross racer while stationed in Japan during 2003-2004
My best finish was IA2 1st  place in Ishigaki, JP  2004
Okinawa, JP IA1 Champion 2003
Okinawa, JP IA1 Champion 2004

In Spring of 2006 I was stationed in North Carolina and raced District 29, 125 A 1st Place, 250A 1st Place
In fall of 2006 I moved to Minnesota and raced District 23, 250A 1st Place, and 16-24A and also swept the local fair races.
I tried my first Johnson Valley Hair and Hound in 2007 I ended up 3rd place in the open class

2014 30 Expert  Vet World Vet Champion

2015 30 Expert Vet World Champion

2021 OTHG 38 Master Spring Series Champion

2021 Swap Moto El Dorado Series Champion

2021 OTHG Summer Series Champion


We are fully back into racing as a family. I plan to race some large amateur nationals I never did when I was younger. My kids have also taken an interest in riding and will be joining me by racing their classes during these events.

Riding Goals

Our Plans for 2021
2021 OTHG Series 1st place
2021 2 Stroke Nationals
2021 Big 6 Grand Prix dessert series
2021 SWAP Moto Series 1st place
2021 Mammoth Mountain Championship
2021 Loretta Lynn Qualifier
2021 MTA World Vet Championship
2021 California Classic

Competitive Highlights


I was an AMA professional licensed Motocross racer in 2000-2001

My favorite race was my first pro race Aug 13th, 2000 at Millville, MN with a 2nd Moto finish of 20th and overall finish of 23rd. I just turned 16 the month before and had only been riding for 3 years. I broke my left hand in qualifying on Saturday. I was in the top ten on Sunday during heat 1 and got taken out in the famous sand wash. I came back and finished 2nd in the LCQ on Sunday allowing me to compete in the main. I ran in the top 20 for the majority of the 30 minute race, but due to injury it was difficult to hold on the entire race. I still completed both motos and was happy with my results since this was the first time competing in a pro national.