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Personal History

My name is Nathan Maines I like in buffalo ny I work at a construction company full time all year round when I’m not working I would go riding as much as I can never miss a local race I never really grew up around riding I got into it really late i got all threw high school and my one friend in my building trades class invited me up to one of his races and I went and got hooked. I ended up getting a bike right after that at the age of 18 and rode a bike for the first time. I was a pretty quick learner I ended up going to the track that year and just improved domestically. The next year I raced for the first time and won most of my races in beginner by a long shot and they kicked me out of that class up to novice. It was definitely tricky riding with some better people but I coughs on and each week I ride I get better and better. I always have to have the nices parts on my bike and the nices gear at all times.

Riding Goals

My riding goals are to keep improving on the bike move up in my class soon and get out as much as I can  living in New York’s it’s kinda tricky. I recently switched over from a honda to a yz so I would like to get my self as comfortable as I was on the Honda. But if I can get threw every day I ride a little bit more comfortable and faster on my bike and walk away on hurt it’s a good day.