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Personal History

I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and had a couple 3 wheelers growing up but never got into dirt bikes. When I graduated high school I joined the United States Air Force. I got stationed in Alaska for my first assigment and that is where my passion for motocross began. I went to all the local races and really wanted to be the one out there on the track racing and having a blast. So I bought myself a bike, a 2001 yz250f to be exact and I rode it everywhere. First started out by just learning the basics, rider control, balance and handling the bike and learning how it responds to what I do. I eventually started to out ride the bike and upgraded to a 2011 yz250f and got the suspension setup to my height and weight which was a major difference from my old bike. I have been riding for 3 years now but feel I have learned and gained a lot of experience so far in that time. I follow a simple rule to keep myself safe and that is, "if you can't handle the bike at slow speeds you can't handle it at fast" this has helped me out greatly with cornering and controlling the bike in the air. Practicing my movements while the bike is stationary on the stand has increased my muscle memory and has saved me countless times on both the track and trail. I pride myself on bike control and handling over speed and I never stop learning or finding new ways to make the bike work with me. A recent update to my riding lifestyle was I purchased a 2017 Ktm 250sxf and have fallen in love with the bike.


A major thing about me is I do all my own maintence on my bike, and she gets washed and lubricated after ride. A clean bike is a safe bike.

Riding Goals

My riding goals are quite simple, all I want is to become the best I can be and be able to handle the bike perfectly. Someday I would love to ride on a national track, to feel the same feeling the top motocross racers feel. To run through a rythum section or hit the triple and feel the bike soar beneath my feet. I don't ride to gain money or fame, I ride to get better at something I have a passion for and that is motocross.