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Personal History

My names Neil Fitzpatrick. I started riding at the age of 12 on a CRF 80, every year stepping up to a bigger bike. I'm a fast learner and loved the sport. Grew up riding trails until i got a CRF150R as my second bike. Seeing the potential i had on that bike i started hitting jumps around where i lived really as a free rider if you will. Everyday after school me and my buddies would go out until we had to ride the roads home cause it was so dark just hitting jumps and seeing what we could make out of nothing. Got older and moved onto a 250R, and at that point i really started to get pretty good at riding, the jumps got bigger and the pace got faster and we just started going for stuff. 3 years ago i put a hold on riding after i hit a jump and went down pretty hard shattering both collar bones. It really scared me for a while and i had no interest in throwing a leg over the bike again. A year went by and i took some time off and came back to it riding tracks and racing more. Started racing the fall of 2017. Did one race in C class did pretty good and immediately went back to race mor. Had good results to the few races i went to this summer grabbing a 3rd 4th and 6th. Now im practicing everyday going to the track as much as i can putting in moto's left and right. 

Riding Goals

I've been really practicing hard lately. Racing in B class my first time ever racing getting good finishes. Only going to go up from there. Have full intentions of going for Loretta's in 2019. Few qualifiers around me so I plan on hitting them all. High Point National AMs day in 2019 plan on racing. My goals are just to keep practicing and get faster and better mainly in corner speed. Jumping comes natural due to only hitting free ride jumps my whole life so the corner speed is my big goal. Going fast comes easy to me i like to hold it wide open just need to translate that to the track.

Competitive Highlights

Raced a few races just realized i might have a shot at winning some, I had a 3rd and 4th in 250 C and a 6th in open C riding a 250F