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Personal History

I started riding dirt bikes when I was about ten years old. I was so ecstatic that my dad bought a TTR 125L and a TTR 250 for me my brothers and my dad to share. That's when I knew I wanted to go pro. I did a lot of trail riding and where we go riding up by my Uncle's house, there are little jumps that I started hitting and gradually would gradually go farther each time I hit it and I raced my dad around this field all the time when I got a little older and kept beating him. Eventually I started riding the 250 and became much more better making my own little track that had some jumps and berms in it and started gaining experience. Later on after complaining to my dad a lot that these bikes were too slow and we should get a faster one, I finally got a 2008 Yz 250F on December 6th, 2011 and it needed work to the top end because it had no compression, so my dad paid for that and valves and new fork seals that blew out the next year. 2012 I was always at Walden Mx in New York practicing and I got pretty good. I crashed the end of the season hurting my right knee and hip and the very first practice the next year, I crashed and hurt my left knee and hip. I was suppose to race in 2013 but couldn't, do to an accident not because of me and had to miss a few practices. I have still been waiting to race, but I always push myself to the limit and beyond expectations even when it hurts. My dad is my pit crew and my coach and I love that he used to do this as a kid and pushes me now that he can't do it anymore.

Riding Goals

Hope to become a pro racing at the top of the pack because I have what it takes to accomplish that and could get it done if someone gave me the opportunity to show them my talent. I want 2018 to be my year for racing. I have a new dirt bike and I'm ready to commit my life to racing this year in Loretta's and other races. I want to show everyone what I can accomplish.