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Personal History

I started racing in 2003 locally in Wisconsin. 2003 an 2004 I raced B class. Won the B class championship both years. Then in 2005 I went in A class. Ran locals again in Wisconsin "district16" . Took 3rd in points. Then in 2006 my dad wanted to take the next step. In 2006, I started running the ATVS Nationals. Took 3rd3rd in 16-242006 "college boy" class, an 9ththe in Production A. We stuck to the nationals then. In 2007 I took home the Production A national championship, an took 2nd in Pro-am. In 2008A I stuck to pro-am. I took 2ndhome in points again. I went Pro in 2009 riding for factory Honda an ended up 16thto in the nation. Pulled 6 holeshots. In 2010 I took 10th in points in pro. Pulled 5 holeshots. 2011, I was still riding for factory honda, an finished 8th in pro. 8 holeshots. 2012 I was in 5th place for point. Went to high point, pa for round 6 an came up short on a triple. I bailed off an shattered my left foot an ankle. That ended my season. Finished 13th. 2013 I signed with walsh racecraft/factory Suzuki. I finished 7th in points. I retired after this season. Now I started my own amateur MX team, running locals. Chasing after the district 16 points.

Riding Goals

I have 3 riders riding for my team. Wade valitchka, I want him to get the district 16 "450A" championship Nick Dziekan, I want him to get the district 16 "250B" championship Justin Lowen, I want him to get the district 16 "250C" championship

Competitive Highlights

I have been pro for 5my years. Wade has been racing for 9my years. Nick has been riding for 4my years justin gas been riding for 2my years