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Personal History

So here we go....

I started racing late in my opinion.  I was 17 and my bike was a 1993 CR250.  I started off trying to some local at the time district 3 supercross races and did pretty well.  That was 1996, I brought home allot of trophies, mostly seconds and thirds but also a few first place finishes.  Season ended but I was hooked on racing, I loved the competition.

1997 rolls around, I bought a new 1997 CR250 and I also managed with help from my Dad to get some local support behind us.  I ran the whole season, this time I won the class championship for district 3 supercross and I think I finished 3rd in points for motocross.  

Since that first full season I have raced everywhere from Ny to Maryland and even California.  I have been hooked on Moto.  

In 2006 I was racing at Budds Creek raceway in southern Maryland and ended up fracturing my C1 vertebrae, the base of my skull, tearing my MCL and almost lost my left eye in a gnarly up hill crash.  I recovered fully from my injuries and because it happened at the season opener I was able to race the rest of the year.  Nothing spectacular but I finished the season.  

I raced the following season (2007) and then took a break from competition.  I still rode whenever I could but took a break from racing as I was now a proud new father of a baby girl.  My oldest daughter who is now 11.

Riding Goals

I've decided to come back to racing. I love the competition and comradarie the comes with the sport. I feel as though I would be a great ambassador for the sport and the community. I am a Marine Corps combat veteran and a current first responder.

I am looking to put myself and new sponsors on the top step as many times as possible this next year.

Competitive Highlights

  • 1997 District 3 SUPERCROSS CHAMPION (250 Novice)


  • 1998 District 3 SUPERCROSS 4th overall (250 Amateur)


  • 1998 District 3 Motocross 4th overall (250 Amateur)


  • 2007 Cal City MX Champion (450 Novice)