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Personal History

Recent Mechanical Engineering Graduate from Rutgers University, always have had the passion for building my own bikes and learning how everything functions together.  This was the leading factor why i went to school for Mechanical Engineering, and i have recently just rebuilt my entire engine.  Replacing every bearing from bottom to top due to a racing incident that seized my engine.  This also cost me from competing in the full ECEA series in 2014.


2015 Championship Results: 

           3rd Place B250 East Coast Hare Scramble Championship

           4th Place B250 ECEA Championship

2017 Championship Results:

         3rd A Open ECEA Championship

2021  AMA East Regional Hare Scramble Champion


Riding Goals

2021 AMA East Regional A Vet Championship


My Personal Goal for 2022 will be to back up my A vet AMA East Regional Championship.