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Personal History

i am very dedicated to motocross! i have been racing since i was 6 yrs old! i have over 320 trophies that i am very proud of! i have not been able to race very much in the 2009 year due to the economy but we plan on hitting it hard for the 2010 season! i practice every chance i get! i am an honor roll student at school and very well liked by others! i put a 100% into everything i do and my motto is ( YOU NEVER FAIL UNTIL YOU STOP TRYING!!! ) my family is everything!!!! they back me up on everything i do and support me and believe in me 100%!!! my dad is my best friend and has raised me by himself since i was 3 yrs old and i will always love and respect him for doing everything he could for me! he has always done without so i could have a good life and do what i enjoy (RACING!!!!!!!) he got married febuary of 2009 to a wonderful woman who i am proud to call mom! i now have a brother and sister who i care alot about and they are always there to cheer me on in my races!  i am very competetive and always respectful to other riders and there families! if sponsored i will represent my sponsors with class and respect and i will appreciate any offers i get! thank you so much for taking the time to view my profile!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                    sincerely, nick craig

Riding Goals

my goal is to get to loretta lynns and finish in the top ten! we are in the process of selling our house to buy a house on land so we can build a track and  i can practice everyday (weather permitting) since i live in indiana and focus on my skills!

Competitive Highlights

i made it to a regional qualifier on my 50 jr 4-6 class in 2003 and was running 4th untill i crashed! i was running first in the 50 sr class at a qualifier and also running first in the 65 jr class until i crashed! (BAD LUCK I GUESS) i know i will make it to lorettas! i believe in myself and i believe that GOD will get me there!