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Personal History

I am 18 years old. I learned how to ride about three years ago and have been racing ever since I learned. I am very competitive in the intermediate class. I like to work on bikes in my spare time. I started a bike shop and it is called Bike-Works LLC.

Riding Goals

For 2009, I plan on racing all of the amature nationals (Lake Whitney, Oak Hill, Mamouth Mtn, Ponca City, Loretta Lynn's, Mini O's, World Mini, Branson) in the 450 B stock and mod and in the 250 B stock and mod classes. I also plan on racing some local races like the Missouri State Championship series. I have created a schedule along with school and working on bikes that alows me to practice and train daily.

Competitive Highlights

My first full of racing was in 2006, I raced the Missouri State Championship series and I won the series in the School Boy 12-15 class. I was also currently racing 125 novice at the time and had bad luck in that class and placed 6th overall. In 2007 i tried for Loretta Lynn's in the 125 novice stock and mod classes. At my first area qualifier I won the stock class and I was winning the first moto of the mod class and crashed and seperated my shoulder. I healed up quick and raced another area qualifier and won both the 125 novice stock and mod classes. At the regional I had major bad luck and blew up my bike in practice. Luckily I was able to barrow a friends bike and after numerous crashes I qualified with a 5th place overall. I had major bad luck at Loretta's and could not seem to put it all together. I ended up getting 32nd overall. I was disappointed in myself because I knew I could do better. I practiced hard for the rest of the year and moved up to the intermediate class. This year (2008) I tried for LL's in the B class. I won the area qualifiers in the 450 b stock and mod classes. I went to the ragional and was not very consitent because I was not used to the track conditions. I could not get a good start to save my life, but I would push and consistently run in the top 10. I was very close to qualifying but I got caught in a mid-moto pile up and that ruined my chances of getting in. I placed 8th overall and came up just short of making it in with a 6th place finish.