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Rider Updates

Jan 5 2019

I attended the AMA District 36 Awards Banquet tonight where I received the 3rd place award for the enduro series in the Pee Wee class.  It was a fun night.

Feb 17 2018

Raced in my second 65cc C class race at Pichacho Creek.  I loved the course and ended up 9th overall.  An improvement from the first race.  I know I can do better and will.  

Jan 13 2018

Raced my first 65cc race, it was also a WHS National so there was a lot of riders from 7-12 years old.  I ended up 15th in my class.  Congratulations to my friends Breden Ferrie, Lowe Lord, Zack Byersdorf and Cody Solis for great rides too.  

Nov 11 2017

Football is over.  I had a great year at QB and as our DE.  We went 11-1, losing the championship game by a touchdown yesterday.  Right after the game we loaded up the bikes and headed to Prairie City.  It was fun to get back on the bike. 

Apr 18 2017

Today my mom and dad surprised me with a brand new 2017 KTM 65sx from NorCal KTM.  It was a total surprise.  I can't wait to get on it it.  Thank you Eric and Ben at NorCal for making it happen the way it did.  You guys have treated us so well.  Thank you 

Apr 8 2017

I had a solid race today and ended up third.  It was a great day, the track was a blast and I got to play with my friends after the race.  Congratulations to my buddies Brenden (2nd in A Class) and Cody (3rd in A Class)

Mar 11 2017

Raced today at the Toulon Hare Scrambles.  The course was pretty soft and dusty.  I got a pretty good start but had a big crash on the second lap.  After a minute or two I was back up and riding faster than before.  I had a lot of ground to make up.  I ended up 4th in my class.  My friend Brenden Ferrie ended up 2nd in A Class.  My friend Cody Solis had a big crash on the fourth lap and called it a day after riding back to the finish line.  I want to thank Racers Under the Son North for sponsoring me this year and Fred Sumerall for giving me a youth bible at the race.

Jan 14 2017

First race of the Spring 2017 D36 Cross  Country Series.  It was muddy and tough, and I tend to grab too much throttle and spin out in the mud so I crashed a lot.  I didn't do very well but I learned, had fun and got better..  

Dec 30 2016

Thank you Jay Lord for letting me come up and moto at the  track at your house.  I love the new lay out.  I had a ton of fun not including my two big crashes.  That double double ate me up and spit me out.  Thanks Lowe, Kody and Cody for racing with me.  Looking forward to getting back up there when the rain goes away and the dirt dries up a little.  See you next week at the District 36 awards dinner

Dec 10 2016

I raced in the final race of the MMX triple threat this weekend.  It was wet, muddy, and slippery.  I got hit by the racer next to me on the start and ended up almost crashing.  I had a lot of trouble and spun out a lot.  But I learned about throttle control in slippery conditions.  My dad's truck is thrashed.  My riding buddy Lowe won the overall championship in the three round series.  Way too go Lowe.   

Nov 19 2016

Well after not racing for 5 months I got back at it today in Wilseyville.  I got a great start my buddy Brenden Ferrie edged me out for the holeshot.  I made a pass on my best friend Cody on a jump on the last lap and was in third place.  But I ended up crashing hard at the end of the lap and ended up 5th.  I was pretty upset.  Congratulations to my buddies Brenden, Cody Solis and Lowe Lord who all had podium finishes.  Thanks to Cody's dad for taking me to the race and letting us stay in his motor home.

Nov 16 2016

Thank you Parker Brother's Racing in Cameron Park.  Today Mason  worked with me to help get me ready for my race on Saturday.  I worked on starts, corners, ruts and went on a trail ride.  I also did a little jumping.  Thank you Roth Racing for setting up my suspension.  I love it.

Nov 12 2016

Today was my last Folsom Jr. Bulldog football game of the season.  We went 9-0 in the regular season and 3-0 in the playoffs to win the championship.  I had a great year at inside linebacker.  I look forward to next season but am ready to get back to racing.  

Oct 17 2016

Dropped off my suspension components to Brian Roth at Roth Racing tonight.  Super nice guy.  I'm totally excited to get on my bike with a suspension built for me.  My dad also dropped his bike off as well.  I should have mine back in a few days.  I also ordered up some new Mika Metals bars and some custom bar risers.  Now I just need to have Guts do my seat.

Sep 11 2016

Went to MMX today with my friends Brenden and Zak.  Its only the second time I have ridden this track, the first being in a race earlier this year.  I had a blast and hit some good jumps (big for me) and tore through the whoops.  Thank you MMX for the free BBQ and the rider appreciation raffle (we were winners).    

Aug 21 2016

Hit the sand track at E Street today with my buddies Cody, Zach and Brendan, and our dads.  I had a blast.  I love this track.  I really like the two drops coming out of corners and then immediately into corners.  It was good to get back on my motorcycle.  I haven't been on it enough lately due to football.  Go Folsom Jr. Bulldogs, we won 38-0 Saturday and I had 3 great blocks from my left guard spot and 3 tackles from inside LB, the last being the most impressive, making the top 5 defensive plays of the game. 

Aug 6 2016

Got out to Argyll MX in Dixon today.  Haven't been on the bike for awhile.  I had a blast with Cody, Brenden and Chase.  I loved the big track and the little track is pretty good too.  We will definitely be back out there at some point.  

Jul 14 2016

I've been out riding a few times at the Lord Compound this month.  My friend Lowe's dad has a great track set up with a couple doubles, a triple, some whoops and some good corners.  I love riding up there with Lowe, and my buddy Cody.  Thanks Jay and Lainey for letting me come up and moto your hillside.

Jul 7 2016

I got a new gear sponsor, JT Racing, and ordered a new set of riding gear and some knee pads.  I love it.  Thank you JT.  It is awesome.

Jun 11 2016

Went to the Parker Brothers Racing Facility for an all day 50cc camp.  Max and Mason were great.  We worked on braking, cornering, starts, pretty much everything.  There were 10 other racers there, all of whom I've raced with in the past.  We all got much better, more confident and faster.  Thanks Max and Mason.  We had a blast.

Jun 10 2016

Went out to Prairie City and tested out the bike.  It ran perfect.  So off to Sac Raceway we went.  This time we ran in both the 7-8 and Open Class.  During the first practice session I took a really fall when someone crashed in front of me and I hit him and his bike and went over the bars.  I was OK.  I did 2 motos in the 7-8 class and ended up 8th overall.  I did two motos in the Open Class and ended up 6th overall.  I never did get a great start.  Given how many racers there were I felt really good about how I did.

Jun 7 2016

Got my motor back today.  Thanks Jim.  My dad started putting my bike back together.  I'm hoping to race it this Friday nights and I am supposed to be in a 50cc camp this Saturday.  I hope all goes well.

May 28 2016

Went to a friends house and rode today.  Afterwards we changed the oil in my bike and found metal flakes.  Pulled the clutch case cover and found that the metal dowel on the kick starter broke through the case.  Ordering a new case, seals, bearings etc.  The Jim Haeseker from Haeseker Racing Engines will build it up for me.

May 27 2016

Did my first race at Sacramento Raceway tonight.  I did two, two lap practice sessions, then two, two lap motos.  I loved the track.  I raced in the beginners 7-8 class, but there were a bunch of kids that weren't beginners out there.  I was 6th in my first moto and 8th in my second moto and I think I ended up 7th overall.  I had fun.  I want to go back out and do it again.

May 14 2016

Raced today at Old Crow, In the C 50cc race I got a great start but crashed in the tilled up dirt.  I recovered and lead the next three laps, but crashed and couldn't get my bike started.  My dad got to me and got the bike started.  I rode hard and finished 3rd.  I then turned around and rode in the B 50cc race.  It was rough.  I got a great start but struggled on the longer more technical course.  I crashed a lot.  I ended up 5th.  I spent nearly an hour and a half on the bike.

Today wrapped up the Spring District 36 cross country season.  I am pretty sure I ended up 2nd overall.  Not bad for my first season.  Unfortunately I won't get to race the fall season due to football, but I may sneak a race in here and there.  I will also try and get out to Sac Raceway a few friday nights here and there.  

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