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Rider Updates

May 13 2016

Got a great 90 minute practice session in with Mason Parker of Parker Brother Racing today.  We worked on starts, turns and breaking.  The Parker family is awesome.  Thanks Mason, Max, Rick and Jos 

May 6 2016

My dad just bought me a demo 2015 Kuberg Trial E.  I am so excited.  It will teach me to ride slow and controlled, balanced and.......standing up.  It's a blast

Apr 9 2016

We raced at Shasta this weekend.  I raced in the national qualifier and then immediately jumped into the next race which was my class.  I got the hole shot and raced hard but ended up second.  It was a fun course and I got to hit some cool jumps.

Apr 2 2016

I raced at Oasis on April 2.  I was racing my new bike and was a little slow on the start so I was 5th or 6th into the first corner but I started passing people and gaining ground.  Then someone crashed right in front of me and I ran over him and his motorcycle and I crashed.  Luckily my mom was right there and got me up and running again.  Then I crashed again on a big steep hill when someone crashed in front of me.  Before my dad could get up the hill to help me my motorcycle flooded.  He finally got it going but I was way way behind.  I kept riding hard and ended up 4th in the end.  

Mar 30 2016

So we got home from a spring break trip to Seal Beach.  Unfortunately my motorcycle wasn't done, so I was going to race my old bike.  My dad started it up to make sure everything was OK and good to go but it wouldn't idle with the choke off.  He worked on it until 1:30 in the morning so I could race it the next morning.

We left for Leoni Meadows at 6AM.  I got a great start and by the second lap I was leading.  We got bogged up at the check station on the last lap which let everyone catch up.  Unfortunately I got passed on the last lap and took a second.  At least it was my best friend that passed me and won.

Next week its Oasis



Mar 25 2016

i'm bummed.  My new bike won't be ready for my race Monday.  Looks like I'm riding my old one for Leoni Meadows

Mar 20 2016

Raced at the Phantom Hare Scramble Sunday.  It was my first race on the 2014 50sx so I think I was being extra careful.  I still did pretty well.  There were about 20 racers and I took 4th place that was with one fall to two miscues taking me off the track.  Today my dad took the bike to NorCal to check out the carburetor, clutch and do a top end.  I race again next Monday.   

Mar 19 2016

We have been trying to get this darn 2014 50sx running right but the carb just doesn't seem to want to cooperate.  I guess we will take it apart today and see if we can get it dialed in, if not its going to NorCal KTM where Eric and his guys will do it up right.  Looks like I may be riding my 2003 for the race tomorrow.  Bummer 

Mar 18 2016

Practiced today with my best friend Cody.  We were working on our starts and I took a big big crash.  Now my elbow and arm is all scratched and bruised up.  I was riding a little slower after that today. 

Mar 10 2016

Happy Birthday to me.  In addition to getting a 14 KTM 50sx two weeks ago, today for my birthday my parents got me a 2010 KTM 65sx.  I am one lucky boy.  But I am sad because my dad said we are going to sell my 2003 50sx.  I don’t want to sell it because it was my first motorcycle and I am very comfortable on it.

Mar 9 2016

There was a break in the rain and I got to go riding this last weekend.  I got on my 2014 KTM 50sx for the first time.  I took it pretty slow around the corners the first two laps but then I got the feel of it and was off.  After taking a break, we couldn’t get it started and it felt like the kick starter was jammed up.  So, I parked it and rode my old one.  My dad tore it apart that night and we found the kick starter gear had broken.  The parts are on order from Rocky Mountain and it should be back together this weekend.  Now only if it would stop raining. 

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