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Personal History

I started biking naturally. I grew up in this univers thank’s to my father.        

 He was riding a Ducati he used to go on tracks and practice a little bit but, after a huge fail, he stopped. So, the first time i started biking was on my father’s old bike, the one i used on track.

At 8, i started driving on a PW 50. After 2 years riding, i bought a new 65 SX by KTM for competition and i used to stay at the top 15.

Then, i drove a 85 Yamaha during 6 years and it was one of my favorite bike. I finished at the fifth place in 2011 (i miss one race for surgery) and at the third place of the 2012 championship.
2013, i came back on 125 SX by KTM and i stayed at the top fifteen during 3 years.

Since 2016, i started the brittany’s championship 125cc, which is one of the most difficult in France. It was a new challenge for me, and the competition was harder than the one before but, i finished at the 30 place (which is encouraging for my first year).


My Life :
• In my life I study in designs and 3D Conception on computeur.
• The weekend I coach children in BMX Race in a club.

Riding Goals


• For 2017 I prepare my saison with many motivation !

• I’m preparing my self physically and technically to beat at the best i can and arrived in the best conditions to come in the top 20 on championship.


My Plan For 2017 :

• 125 cc FFM Brittany Championship
• Rookie’s cup (National race).
• Others Regional Race in Brittany