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Personal History

My name is Noah Fullmer. I am the oldest in a family of five, with two younger siblings. I started my own e-commerce business at the age of 12. One afternoon, on our way home after a weekend camping trip to the Little Sahara Desert, I spotted a family out riding dirt bikes. For some reason, it really appealed to me, and made me ask my dad if he would get me a dirt bike. Growing up, my family has always been exposed to a great variety of powersports. From ATV’s, UTV’s, Jet skis, Boats, etc.… All of which appealed to me in their own, imposing ways, of which is why the dirt bikes also caught my eye. Upon asking my dad if he would buy me a dirt bike, he told me if I can pay for it, I can get one. At the time, I was tickled pink to here anything except “NO”. I came home, started my own e-commerce business (through the help of my dad, as he does the same for a living) and saved my money, until I could afford a dirt bike. Looking back at this, not only was I able to buy my own dirt bike, I was able to start a business (that I still run to this day) to pay for most all my toys, food, and of course, riding gear!

My family is my closest asset to my life. As they support me, encourage me, and bend over backwards for me. While many teenagers want to move out of the house as soon as possible so they can party all night, I am different. I find doing something that tests my limits and gives me the adrenaline I need to run my body much more productive. I find this fuel through motocross, and my family!

Riding Goals

While I have ridden in bits and pieces throughout my birth, I have started to race just about every weekend starting around May of 2017. While I have (and have made) many friends with the same passion as me, I find myself constantly pushing myself harder and harder to keep up with, and pass my friends in practice, as it makes me a much better racer overall. I strive to get better, and keep moving up classes so I am constantly battling, and pushing myself to my limits. I am racing a variety of series, from the Wild West Series, RMX series, as well as local races such as Rocky Mountain Raceway to try and experience as much track time as possible with other similar skilled riders. My goal is to take top 3 podium in the 450 Junior class, as well as push myself in the open Amateur class. As racing with extremely fast riders will only make me better.

Competitive Highlights

After racing my first 450 Junior race a few months ago, and taking near the back of the pack, I became determined to only get better. After racing in the same class this year, I took a 2nd overall. Which goes to show me how hard work and dedication to the sport will be my key to success. With some convincing from my moto friends, I decided to start racing the Open Amateur class in the Wild West Series. In my first open Amateur class, I was able to pull the holeshot, and surprise many!