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living community museum Bueng Kan Province Thailand

Northeastern tourist attractions Bueng Kan Province

living community museum Street Art Tourism Village, Bueng Kan

When it comes to street art in Thailand Most of them are familiar with street art painted on roadside walls or in old buildings. linked to Life style and identity of that place, but if you come to Bueng Kan, you will be amazed with street art in Cassia Yai Village. that has brought faith and faith towards the serpent Combined with farming occupation and preferences of each family. Elaborately painted in color Travel paintings of Nagas on the walls of each house, 22 figures became a street art tourism village. or a village of serpent painting the only one in the world with a lovely atmosphere that creates smiles for visitors In the village also living community museum Showcasing the way of life of the traditional Isan community Including the objects of the past called. When coming to this village, we will experience the aura of traditional rural community life that blends perfectly with contemporary art.

Street Art Tourist Village and Living Community Museum Located in the village of Cassia Yai So Phisai District Bueng Kan Province It is a quiet village surrounded by nature. still have traditional culture and way of life Both the unique dress by wearing a sarong, carrying a kratib, offering alms to monks with sticky rice. for building a street art village is to open up to the whole village By combining traditional culture with modern art, the initiator is Khun Khab, a famous food stylist. World stage award winner He is also a volunteer of the Royal Project Foundation for more than 14 years who intends to return to his hometown to develop the community into a sustainable tourist destination. using private capital and get the cooperation of people in the community as well as support from the government and private sectors to build street art villages, paintings and paintings in the colors of the serpent and the Living Community Museum to open a cultural display area to convey the local way of life for the new generation to visit in a more accessible way

For traveling to the village for convenience, it is recommended to set a trip from google maps. Guarantee that you won't get lost. When entering the village, you will begin to see the paintings of serpents on the walls of the houses along both sides of the road. and when entering the end of the road, you will meet living community museum It is a 60-year-old wooden house in Isaan Thai style, decorated with green paint on doors, windows, stairs, and added to the area next to the house to add features to look more modern while maintaining the same style. This house is the home of the Khun Khap family that has lived for many generations. After the children dispersed, the house was renovated. living community museum To conserve the original Isan Thai houses for future generations to visit

This community is Baan Kee Lek Yai, Village No. 7, Nong Pantha Subdistrict So Phisai District Bueng Kan Province Has received the attention of foreigners visiting indefinitely. because of the uniqueness of art Street art paintings on the doors, walls of each house, about 45 homes and around the village road. There is a rice field as a scene of the landscape of the community.

Main painting themes: street art, serpent image, contemporary art style Go out to the soft and lovely way, such as the colorful serpent, the fun of the people of the northeastern Isan. Naga is interested in Dharma. Naga drives a tractor Naga eating ice cream The serpent who watches over the house, who goes for a walk or a bike ride, must take a selfie with a painting.

In addition to street art paintings There is also a community museum displaying the daily life of local people. Mr. Suthipong Suriya is the founder of the Living Community Museum. Use your home as a learning resource coupled with life This house is like a living museum. allowing visitors to have a field trip inside

Sutthipong Suriya, a 49-year-old man who awakened the community of Ban Khi Lek Yai. His hometown to live, said that he has led the way of community development. following the royal initiative King Rama IX using local resources People in the community join together to build strength. have their own identity by using art to create a selling point Bring the identity of Isan people who believe in the Naga Let's create contemporary street art. Paint on the walls of houses, cement buildings, temples, shops, and galvanized sheets along the way around the community. Received cooperation from the artist network. various educational institutions Both central Bangkok and other provinces come together to create works of art. to communicate the identity of the local way of life contemporary style

In addition to creating street art to be a tourism landmark in Ban Khi Lek Yai community. Sutthipong has enhanced the image of the community to be alive. Every roof has an additional income besides agriculture. with the establishment of the Sustainable Career Center including local cooking such as jaew bong, fermented fish, fried porridge, pan rice, and the tradition of making betel nut bowls from flowers Produce handicrafts, handicrafts, such as wicker baskets. This wicker design has more than 50 designs such as bags. to look more international and banquet palang (food) by Sri Su Kwan Welcome visitors to the museum and community excursions.

I want to make it possible for foreigners to see the charm of the community that comes from its true roots. Nowadays, it must be accepted that it is a trend of Thai people who yearn for local ways. We therefore created a new selling point that makes it easier to learn and understand the community. Empowering the new generation A little guide takes a tour of the street art around the village. And try to create a network of volunteers from various universities across the country. Network of artists to come together to create more contemporary paintings. By this October, there will be 100 works around the village road."

Sutthipong Suriya, the founder of the Kee Lek Yai Living Community Museum, said, "What you think will come true. is to promote sustainable community innovation farming in a smart farm In accordance with the royal initiative of King Rama IX. In addition, the community made homestays for villagers to earn income. will restore the way of life of the "Chao" ethnic group in So Phisai District lost." and finally to make outsiders know more about this community Use social media as a way to both post and share to spread the word.

Wimonluck Chuchat, Director of the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture (NESDB), said that NESDB will support the development of community products to be beautiful and contemporary. will coordinate artists to come together to create street art create identity Build community art strengths will make tourists come to visit

Who has plans to visit Bueng Kan? Visit to experience the local lifestyle of Ban Cassia Yai selfie street art

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