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Rider Updates

Sep 13 2023

National hare and Hound 

Round 5 Panaca NV

First loop was one Dusty loop I had know Idea where I was for the first 5 miles and didn't even know if I was on the right trail or not. About the 10 mile I was passed didn't see the rock and wrecked the bike landing on top of the bike and burning my buttock. I finished the first loop and pitted only to do a quick wardrobe change of pants and underwear. 

Second loop was part of last years first loop silty and loose until we hit the tight juniper pinion trees. This was a blast running around and through the trees. only to find out that somehow I sheared my back brake bolt and lost the back break. 

Third loop was all I had to give with no back brake. was cool to run up into the mountains again only to have a extremely challenging last downhill section with no back brake. Made a great run of what I could to finish strong with an overall of 7th place in my class. 

Thanks to all my sponsors of the race ONeal racing, Ogio, Cycra, Twin Air, KleanFreak, Cowboy Racing, Havoc, and Bucked Up

Sep 1 2023

Doing Great feeling great 

Last week we raced in Cedar city Utah was a great race set up Grand prix style. 

Lots of fun through out the course they even included some hard enduro stuff. 

trying to figure out what is going on with my right hand and why it goes numb. 

overall feeling great moving forward with advancing continually in my racing 

May 24 2023

Well now as we go into the Summer break it is a chance for me to change my suspension around. I have been reading threads on opion pages on changing the springs in the front forks and the shock spring to be stiffer for my weight. 

So I went and did it I got a stiffer Spring set up for the 07 WR450 now it is time to take it out and make the adjustments to the bike. Everything i have read makes note of improvements in handling and safety for the high speed desert racing. 

To be continue.....

May 15 2023

Cherry Creek National Hare and Hound 

This was one tough race this year. I had a great start until I hit a bad spot at mile 17 where I had my bad wreck. Toughed out the rest of Loop 1 where it rained and changed the course to mud. My Son caught me and passed me while I was recovering from the wreck. I followed him in through the Pits. 

Second Loop I caught and passed my son at the Cherry Creek crossing and continued through tough mountain climbs and tight trees. I didn't put extra gas on the alt fuel truck and payed for that. The last 13miles was  through the deep sand. I ran out of gas with 3 miles left of the race. I pushed my bike for a mile and then got lucky and had some weekend riders with extra fuel help me out so I could finish the race. I sat out there for over an hour and a half waiting for the sweepers but no such luck from them. 

Just grateful I was able to finish the Cherry Creek race this year 

Thank you to my Sponsors








May 8 2023

Firebirds Hare and Hound 

What a great race. I have never felt better while racing. I placed 11th in my class expert 40+. It was probably one of the fastest race's I've done. First loop was 32miles. The second loop was 35 miles. I was able to hold off my son during the second loop. My son caught me in the pits and it made it for exciting times for the second loop. 

Firebirds put on a great race in Jericho, UT 

Thank to my sponsors, COwboy Racing, Oneal, Ogio, Twin Air, Havoc Cycra, Redmond Re-lyte, and Klean Freak 

Apr 25 2023

Sage Riders Devotional National Hare and Hound  April 22 2023

What a race! Sand, Rocks, Water, Deep Creek crossings, tight trees, and MUD 

I did better than I did 2 years ago when I got back into racing. I finished 20 in my class and 5 hours to complete the course. Last year I took 7 in my class and almost 6 hours to finish the course

This year racing as an expert I took 14 in my class and 4hours and 44 min to me this is a win 

Just to be able to go out and race and to see improvement is a huge significance for me.

Thankyou to my sponsors  Oneal racing for the awesome gear. Ogio to carry the gear in. Twin Air keeping that motor running clean, Cyra for protecting the hands in the trees. Havoc Racing for the clear sight ahead of me, Klean Freak for the awesome body wipes for after the Race and Re-lyte by Redmond for keeping me hydrated

Mar 28 2023

Round 2 NHHA Murphy Idaho

Cold race windy and trying to snow. Had a Good start did well on the First Loop. Come the Second Loop I got a rear flat tire at mile marker 60. Finished the Race taking 11 in my class and 155 overall. I rode 35 mile on a flat tire just to finish the race. Taking life as it comes to you. Sometime you get such set backs and you just have to move forward and use the grit to keep moving forward. Thanks to Oneal Ogio, Havoc, Klean Freak and Redmond Re-lyte to keep me going.

Mar 15 2023

One Heck of a wet season 

The Knolls Sprint Enduro went well. Me and my sons worked the race. The race officials were looking for volunteers to work the race. This also counts to our year end results for Championship qualifications. I figured get the volunteer work out of the way so we can focus on the rest of the season. 

Currently the Idaho National Race and Utah Races have been pushed back due to the wet weather we have been having. 

Jan 16 2023

UMORA Mesquite, NV Jan 14 race 2023 

The Race went as expected I finished 10th in my class Lots of great racers. learned a ton of things to work on.  I'm still timed about the jumping on the motorcross track. The open section and the whoops I did the best in. Need to work on the sand and S turning in the sand. Overall I am comfortable where I am Starting this season in the Expert 40+ class. Can't wait to do an actual full out desert race.

I would like to thank the sponsor that Make it all happen for me 

Cowboy Racing



Twin Air Filter

Klean Freak



Redmond Reylte 

Jan 12 2023

Well Dreams do become reality 

I did take Home the Number 1 Plate in  the Amateur 40+ Class in the Utah AMA Desert series and 3rd Place in the AMA National Hare and Hound Series.

Exciting time I will be racing this weekend in Mesquite NV as a Expert 40+ class in both the Utah and National Desert Racing. First Time with a National Number as well N8s 

Just going out having a good time remembering where I came from and where I am going 

Nov 23 2022

I can not believe this has happen

I took 1st in the Amateur 40+ in the UMORA AMA series here in Utah

and I took 3rd in the Amateur 40+ in the AMA National Hare and Hound series 

What an amazing feeling it is so surely. Thank you to all of those that helped out with a great race season and the amazing pit crew

Nov 21 2022

The final race has come and gone for the UMORA series. 

The first loop was a tough one just kept finding the ground involuntary with help from other riders. The second loop was way better got a a good flow going. Finished the race and the season strong with a fourth place finish. Now we will see where I finish in the overall standings in the Amateur 40+ Desert class.

I would like to Thank my Old Sponsors Redmond Re-Lyte, Cowboy Racing,  AOT Racing and Havoc Racing for supporting me through the 2022 Season.

I would like to Thank my New Sponsors for the New 2023 Season Redmond Re-Lyte, O'neal Racing, Ogio,  Havoc Racing, Klean Freak, Cowboy Racing and Cycra Racing for the start of a great and new Season.

Now it time to hit the gym and get ready for 2023.

Oct 25 2022

Two Days after finishing the National Season I have never felt better in my Life.

Being 46 years old and I'm sitting in 3rd place in the Amateur Over 40 Senior class in the National Hare and Hound AMA series. I never thought I could get back on top this quick. I though it would have taken a Few more years to achieve this goal. 

I want to express my deepest appreciation for my eldest son aiding me getting back into racing. I would also like to express how great full I am for him for learning the grit to be a desert racer and to win the #1 plate in the 86-200cc C class in this years National Hare and Hound Series AMA. 

Sep 10 2022

A full year of racing has gone by and I am more in line and tuned than ever with my riding and racing. I make sure I hit the right lines rest when I need to. I challenge my son as he races with me in the big bike class now. 


Last year I did great I was able to finish 4th in my class racing the USRA series. So I challenged my self and took on the National Hare and Hound Series the UMORA and the WORRA. 

What a ride what an adventure.