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Personal History

I got my first dirt bike when I was four. My dad was into motorcycles and thought that it would be cool to have his own son ride. Just for fun, I tried out an enduro race somewhere in Massachusetts. I was still only four years old, so all of the loud bikes sort of scared me, and I ended up getting off of the trail and riding back to my dad's truck with tears in my eyes. A nice martial rider saw what was going on, and he took me around the small, kiddy trail, for the rest of the day. The next weekend I tried the racing again, and I was hooked. I continued to race NETRA for the next 9 years of my life, and moved up in classes from the PeeWees, all the way to Minis, finishing inside the top 3 every weekend. I stopped for about a year, and then started racing regular motocross. My first year racing NESC was a fun year. I met tons of awesome people and was slowly working my way up to the top of the novice class. I trained hard every day of the week to hopefully be at the top the upcoming season. The next year I was finishing top fours for the first few races, and I was planning to go B, but I ended up hitting a kicker on the face of a jump during practice in the beginning of the year, and landing on my head with my bike on top of me, breaking my hip and bruising muscle in my legs and chest, which left air bubbles inside of my lungs. The air bubbles would have killed me if they grew any bigger. I had to sit out all summer on the couch, taking pain medication and asking for help every time I needed to get up and use the bathroom. The worst pain wasn't my hip, my lungs, or my chest. It was probably going to all of the races and seeing all of my friends live their dreams and race their dirt bikes while I had to sit and watch through the holes of a chain link fence in my wheelchair. The highlight of that summer was going to Unadilla with my best racing buddy and crutching around the track to watch all of the pros race. This winter I've been training hard, eating healthy, and getting my bikes and everything ready for this season. I hope that with the help of God, my parents, my friends, and hopefully someone on this site that can help me, I will accomplish my goal of becoming a B amateur rider in the NESC race series. Thanks.

Riding Goals

My riding goal for this season is to go B in the NESC race series, because I feel like that is where I belong.

Competitive Highlights

I raced Enduros and was very successful in that series, finishing inside the top three every weekend, and top fours in regular motocross.