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Rider Updates

May 6 2007

Today was the first race of the season. The Dream Riders track is always super gnarly, and it was no different today. I pulled a pretty nice holeshot (2 for 2 this season), and began pulling away. However, down in the creek section, it got pretty slippery, and while searching for a new line, my front end washed out, and I dropped to fourth before I could get going again. After that, I starting riding pretty tight, but I wasn't too worried because I could see the three right ahead of me. I worked my way by, and led the first couple laps of the race. On lap 3, one of those pesky trees jumped out infront of me, as a result of the crash, I was left without a front brake, and had dropped back again, this time to 3rd. I had my work cut out considering this is one of the fastest tracks in the series. I put my head down and make quite the charge, catching on the final lap, within the final 2 miles. It was going to be a fun finish, and we both knew it. We slammed off eachother a few times before I could make the pass, but I couldn't hold it. A mere half mile from the finish, I couldn't get the bike slowed in time at the bottom of a hill, and he snuck back by me. I lost the race by one second.
On the good side, I'm happy with the way I rode down the stretch, especially without a front brake. Also, the only lap faster then my last was my first, and my last lap was the 4th fastest overall...I'll take that with a broken bike.

Apr 23 2007

The promoter Ithaca Dirt Riders had a "Fun Run," or warm-up event this weekend. The Western New York Offroad Association HareScramble Series was using to test out the new scoring system in which we use transponders this year, opposed to the bar codes of previous years.
The track was awesome, and I took the holeshot. In a motocross section I blew a berm and slipped to second. I noticed me and the rider were pulling away, so I decided to pace myself for the two hours, and just rode behind him for a little while. The next lap, I made my move, passed him, and started pulling away, putting in some very impressive laps. My times were in with those in the top 3 of the AA or expert riders.
All in all, the track was awesome, and I had a great time. Thats what it is all about.