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Personal History

I've been involved in motorcycles since the age of 5 when I got my first home made mini bike.  I started racing local MX at the age of 13 and continued through high school and into college.  I took a fair amount of time away from racing to launch my career, but never lost touch with trail riding.  After a 10 years away from racing I tried an off road event and was hooked and the racing bug took over again. 


 I started in the C class and within 12 months was moved to the A class.  This is where I learned that I needed to work harder to run up front.  Hard work and dedication paid off as I'm now leading the way in the 40+ Expert class.  In the racing/off road community I always strive to set a positive example to others through professionalism, good sportsmanship and honesty.  The positive attitude and constant determination I have towards competing, success, the equipment I use and the entire racing community is always on the front site. 


I believe if your bike, equipment, gear, pit area and transporter are always clean, well organized and everything is in working order it promotes professionalism and shows the positive attitude and dedication towards the sport and promotes product endorsement, both at the races and away.


Others who look at our equipment take notice of the products we use and endorse, which I feel this is key to being a good representative for a sponsor.  I only use products I believe in and always promote these products.  Word of mouth and seeing the winning product at the track is what brings others to use, try and purchase new products.


  Our pit area is always open to who ever need’s help, whether they are direct competition or not.  I feel this openness promotes our level of determination and professionalism and allows others to see the products we use and contributes to our success. 


I have secured the Championship in the AMA West National Hare Scrambles series and the District 36 series Cross Country series in the 40+ Expert class.  I currently hold a ranking of 9th place in District 36 for the 2016 season. 


For 2017 I plan to return to both series to defend my championships as well as compete in local motocross races and the Police / Fire games.       

Riding Goals

2016 Goals:

Finish in the top 20 Overall within D36 Cross Country Series and earn a red plate for 2017. 

Win the 2016 AMA West National Hare Scrambles championship in the 40+ Expert class. (currently ranked 1st)

Win the 2016 AMA District 36 Cross Country Series championship in the 40+ Expert class.  (currently ranked 1st) 

Compete in all D36 cross country races and local OTHG MX races.   

Maintain a strong work/race ethic and strive to do better every week with an emphasis on winning each event. 

Competitive Highlights

2016 AMA West National Hare Scrambles Champion 40+ Expert class

2016 District 36 Cross Country Series Champion 40+ Expert class

Virginia City Grand Prix winner 2007 & 2016

2nd in class championship 2011 & 2014 

1st - Prairie City GP (2016)

1st -Shasta Dam GP (2016)

1st - Oasis Hare Scrambles (2016)

1st - AMA West Hare Scrambles @ Gorman (2016)

1st - MMX Hare Scrambles (2016)

1st - Primetime Hare Scrambles at Metcalf park (2016)

2nd - Wilseyville Hare Scrambles (2016)

2nd - Phantom Hare Scrambles (2016)

2nd - MMX Cross Country race (2016)

3rd - Blue Mountain Hare Scrambles (2016)

3rd - Pichaco Creek Challenge National Hare Scrambles (2016)

1st - Lilliputian Hare Scrambles

1st - Wild Wabbit Hare Scrambles

1st -Hare Ball hare Scrambles

1st - Prime Time Hare Scrambles at Metcalf

1st - OTHG MX at Hollister

Silver Medalist in the Police / Fire games

2nd - Prairie City Grand Prix

2nd - Phantom Hare Scrambles

2nd - Honey Lake Hare Scrambles

2nd - E St Cross Country

4th - Las Vegas Endurocross