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Rider Updates

Apr 12 2009

The 2009 season has been fairly good to me so far, as I've gotten top 3 finishes in every lwt. 2(200cc) intermediate race I've entered, and have been riding with some decent speed; enough speed to be able to start really winning in my first season as an intermediate.

 The first round of the Big 6 gp series was pretty crazy, as my bike didn't arrive in California until a few days before the race, and I never got a chance to ride it before the race. I took 3rd place overall in that first round of the series in Taft, California. That being my first intermediate race and pushing through diversity, I was content.

 The second round of the series at Glen Helen raceway, I still hadn't gotten the chance to test the bike but at least knew how it would feal on the track. I was able to race the 250cc intermediate race the day before the 200 race and got 10th of nearly 30 riders on a 200, so I was pleased with that performance, especially since it was only supposed to be sort of a practice race for me. The 200cc race didn't quite go as smoothly as I'd planned, being that on the first lap, I spilled the bike coming out of an off camber turn and damaged my knee. I finished the race with decent speed but could only muster 2nd place points in that race.

 At the third round of the Big 6 gp series in 29 Palms, CA, I'd planned to race the 250 race before my main race for practice, but we had to make a detour through Corona to pick up my bike.(We left it with some dudes at Glen Helen to get the suspension done, meaning I hadn't ridden it for a whole month). About 45 minutes before my race, I decided to warm the bike up for sound test. It ran great for about a minute or two, then started coughing and sputtering. At this point, we were almost sure my weekend was over, but I prayed that the issues would get worked out, and my dad discovered the problem and fixed it moments before the start of the race. My dad and I prayed before I went

Jan 16 2009

Jan 7 2009

Dec 6 2008

Nov 2 2008

On Saturday I raced the 250 class and it was a total mud bath. On top of that my goggles went bad at the start of the first lap, so I had to ride without any protection for my eyes the whole race, but I ended up 8th in my class even through the diversity.

On Sunday, I knew when I lined up for the start that I had a chance to make up valuable championship points by racing and at least finishing. When my race was about to start, I noticed the rider next to me trying to start his bike, so, even though the race officials were going to start the race anyway, I was yelling to them that the AMA rulebook stated that any given rider has 2 minutes to get his bike working, but they didn't listen anyway.

At that point my mindset was not on the start anymore and when the flag was dropped to start the race, I accidentally stalled my bike. So, on the first lap, I went from last to 2nd place in my class and when I was trying to pass for the lead, I couldn't slow down for the final turn before the check, so I quickly tried to shift down to lower gears when I hit a rough section and was tossed over the front of my bike at about 50mph.

 I'm sure I sumersoulted at least 3 or 4 times before I came to a hault. When I jumped up to get my bike it was screaming. I saw my dad running onto the track and he helped me off the track. All the sudden though, someone yelled at me that my dad had fixed my bike. So, I got back into the race and put my head to finishing the race.

After a couple miles my bike was acting up again and I stopped to ask some spectators for tools. Of course, they helped me, and I was able to finish the race.  I was extremely dissappointed that I could have easily won the race, but realized that by just finishing, I was now about 40 points ahead in the championship.

Stay tuned to find out how the final round goes and to see if I can clinch the championship in my class along with possibly getting my

Oct 3 2008

On Saturday, October 4th, 2008, I raced round 5 out of 7 of the Big 6 gp series in Ridgecrest, California. Usually,when I race, I put so much pressure on myself to do well that I usually mess up my whole day, so going in to round 5, my plan was to just have fun and ride without any pressure.

Lining up to the start, I felt great, and knew my race was going to be a blast. Although, all the riders in my race and myself had to wait an extended amount of time for an injured rider to be attended to. So, after about 30 or more minutes of waiting, my race was about to begin. It was a dead engine start and I put my bike in gear at the last moment before I tried to start it. I couldn't start it in gear, so I put it back in neutral and got going by the time the rest of my field of riders was halfway down the long start stretch.

On the first 20 or so minute lap, I struggled to pass packs of slower riders and race aggressively because of thick clouds of dust after every long straight. On the second lap, I was still getting around slower riders, but had less dust to worry about as they weren't stuck in groups. I rode the rest of the race very collectively and somehow managed to pass my way into 3rd place.

It's too bad my race was cut short due to the prolonged wait on the start line. I had a blast at this race and I know I could definately win the next round at Gorman. Although, for now, I'd like to thank God, my family, and all my sponsors: Frontline Moto, JMC, and MSR for all their support thus far.


Jul 30 2008

          I recently raced a Taft Franklin Field Arenacross race and was definately unhappy with my results. Unfortunately, after my huge wreck in the last Big 6 gp I had, my bike was left pretty thrashed, and it wasn't ready to race the previous rounds. On race day when I arrived at the arenacross track, I hadn't practiced on the new track layout even one time. When I saw the track, it looked rediculously awesome but I knew that without practice, I would be at a dissadvantage. During my first moto, I found that I definately had the speed to win, but couldn't dial all the rythm sections cleanly. After a frustrating first few laps, I knicked  a haybale and tore my radiator shroud out of allignment. Now the shroud was so contorted I wasn't able to move my leg and was forced to roll all the jumps until the finish. After the race, my brother and I wired the shroud back into place, hoping I could win the second moto and still end up with a decent overall. On the start though, my clutch completely went out. My tire spone deep into the soil, an incident forcing me to get a last place start. Without my usually trusty clutch, I remained burried in the back of the pack. Also once again, my shroud broke free of the wire holding it on, making my performance even more muffled. However, I was still able to finish the moto and still come of the track without even crashing or getting hurt. Also, I now know I do have the speed to win in arenacross as well as my primary objective in grand prix events. I just need to focus on being completely prepared on race day, and toward getting as much practice as I can eak out. I am learning that there's  a lot more to racing than just training everyday and being fast, and everyday I thank Jesus Christ for giving me the opportunity to race and for keeping me safe.

Feb 2 2008

My first race in my new race class went exceedingly well.  Though I was nervous, I knew I'd gained a lot of speed trying to keep up with the pros at the Dirt Rider Torture Test I'd just been to days before the race.  When raceday came, I missed the unclassified race which would have served as practice. It had been raining cats and dogs all night in my hometown of bakersfield and decided it was no good to practice in sloppy conditions that would only tire me out. When we drove to taft though, it was perfectly dry.  When my race came around though, I knew I had the speed  to finish well.My family and I prayed before the race, and I started to become more confident in myself.

When the flag was waved for the start, I rushed into the first turn in about fourth place. A couple miles into the race, I had passed into first place. Another couple miles later, I had put distance between myself and 2nd place, when I notice a pile up in front of me from the class that started earlier. I weaved around and up an embankment when I ceased to go any further. My back tire had dug into a pile of silt. Here I struggled for full minutes untill I finally got free. I knew I was in dead last and far behind everyone in my class,but I charged hard and started to pass them back one by one. By the end of the second lap, I was in second place already and only seconds away from first.

Unfortunately, my race was ended early due to a late start and nobody continued to lap three. Overall though, I was exstatic about my race and found out later that I had the best lap times in my class by a  big margin. With the help of Frontline Moto, JMC, MSR, my familly and God I had the best race I've ever had, and I expect to get better at every one. I also expect that I will be moved up to the intermediate class very soon as well.

Dec 3 2007

After deciding that I'm ready for the big bike class, my dad made the ordered a brand new, 2008 GasGas MC125. The new bike must first be shipped into the U.S. from Spain, but when I finally get the bike, I'm sure my skills will increase tremendously. This bike is loaded with all the best parts. I would like to thank Frontline Moto for helping to get the new bike, and as always, Jesus Christ for helping me to be ready for the changes I'll need to make to compete well on it.

Aug 3 2007

Race after race, I've been getting better and better without a good result to show for it. Although, at the fifth round of the arenacross series, I was able to finally put in a strong ride in the first moto. Once again, my confidence was high, and knew I could do well in the super technical new track layout. My support was better than ever at this round as well, as my whole family was there this time with our 38 ft. toyhauler. I got a free back shock rebuild from JMC, a local suspension specialist and GasGas dealer. The new track was gnarly. It had a ton of big doubles, giant whoops, and still had a really cool step on step off jump. In the first moto, I got a descent start, got by a couple riders on the first lap, and then just rode real smooth in third place for the whole race. Fourth place was way behind. After the race, I had an energy drink though, and I basically just crashed. In the second moto, I almost got the holeshot, but ended up third in the first straight. A couple of laps later, another rider rammed me out of my line and broke my back fender. I started to loose my focus and started making a bunch of mistakes. After a while, another rider came by me after I nearly wrecked in the whoops, and because I didn't have enough speed over the double after the whoops, the rider gained time on me. After that, I regained my composure and almost passed the rider back at the finish. Overall, I had an OK night due to my first third place finish, and not crashing. The most treasured help I received though was from God, for giving me everything I have and keeping me safe.

Jul 27 2007

Coming into the fourth round of the Taft Arenacross series, I had the most confidence I've had throughout this series. I've been praying a lot to do well racing. So, in the first moto, I went out, got a mid pack start, and got sooo close to finishing third at the finish. Of course, I took 4th place in moto one. When we lined up for the second moto, I got a really good gate pick and some great advice from my dad(who was also praying for a good result). I used all I could to my advantage, and I almost won the holeshot, which was a big deal because usually my starts are my week point being one of the bigger mini riders. I was in second place until a 150cc rider from the Ponca national passed me a little later. I stayed in third place though, pulled away from 4th, and managed to stay within half a straight away from the two leaders who battled for the win the whole race. One the last lap though, I was entering the whoop section and my bike just twitched right out from under me. I got back up in sixth place though and managed to make a really quick pass for 5th place. I was so bummed out, but my dad reminded me to still thank God for not letting me get hurt. I still probably got a top 5 finish, which isn't too bad. Also, after this round I should be firmly placed in the top three in points out of 17 other riders.

Jul 25 2007

I was recently able to ride a brand new GasGas demo bike in a nearby riding area, and I discovered that I need one. The GasGas felt light, very comfortable for me even though I am a little shorter than the average rider, and also very comfortable to my six foot tall brother thanks to the adjustable triple clamp positions. I loved the suspension. The GasGas sported Marzzochi Shivers in the front, and an Ohlins rear shock. Of course, I liked the power a lot too. I think this 200cc was just a little bit too much for me on the bottom end though, so I'm looking forward to testing the 125cc GasGas very soon. I'm pretty sure I'll be racing the 125cc two-stroke in coming series'. I think I could do a lot of damage to a track on it.

Jul 13 2007

After a mediocre first moto in round 3 of the Taft Arenacross series, I knew I had something to prove going into the second moto. I felt confident going back into the arena and knew with the help of Jesus Christ that I had the ability and the speed to podium or win the second moto. Although, at the start, I was first nearly shoved into a haybayle by the rider on the next gate over. So I got into a more aggressive mindset and, of course, I run into a fallen rider at the first turn. Still, I knew I could make up ground on the riders ahead. I started to pass riders left and right, and soon enough, I was in the group battling for the third place position. I started to make a pass for 4th and all the sudden, my bike starts slipping into neutral. So, I would make up ground, and loose it, over and over again because of my bike. Finally, on the last lap, I made a final desperate attempt to pass into third place through a rythm section, and my bike slipped back into neutral again. This time, the bike tossed me off and flipped over me. All my thanks to God, I wasn't hurt at all and was able to restart my bike and finish the last two straights of the course with a stuck throttle.

Jun 30 2007

Of course, I prayed a lot more before the second moto, and sure enough, I was able to pull myself up through the pack in the overall points and averaged a 6th place overall finish in a race with W.O.R.K.S and Loretta Lynn National qualified riders. Of course, I will always try to improve in whatever I can to ensure better finishes in following rounds. With the help of Jesus Christ and my friends and family, I can always count on improvement.