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Personal History

My name is Pete Triantafilou and I grew up in a family that loved motorsports. I started riding when I was about 10 years old and I as I got older I became more interested in motocross and competing. I am in contact with a numerous amount of riders/racers in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana and enjoy the people in the sport of motocross as well. I started to compete in racing about a year ago and was instantly addicted. I am very serious about my racing and it drives me to strive to become a better rider and improve on my technique every time I practice/race. I am also a student at the University of Cincinnati where I'm majoring in Business. School is a very important part of my life and I have been the University of Cincinnati Dean's List a numerous amount of times for excellent grades. In my free time I am always riding to improve so I can become better competition out at the track! 

Riding Goals

My goals for 2012 are to compete in the local indoor winter series and to win the 450 C championship there. I am also planning to compete in more races throughout the country to expose myself to different groups of riders to help improve on my racing. For the 2012 outdoor season my goal is to enter one of the local series to compete in and win a championship there as well. 

Competitive Highlights

Some competitive highlights of my racing career: 

- I got the holeshot my first 2 races ever

- 1st place 450 C class both motos this year

- 3rd place overall my first race ever