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Personal History

I am 52 years old and started back riding dirt bikes in 2010.  I road all growing up but when I joined the Navy in 1985 I never road again until 2010.  Know this, I will not stop until I can not swing my leg over a bike or am dead.  This sport keeps me young and I feel in another world when I ride.  Racing is new to me but I am loving it and the adrenaline is AWESOME!!  I feel EPIC each and every time I ride.  A bad day of riding is better than no day of riding.

As the graphics on my bike say #MOTO IS LIFE.

Riding Goals

I just want to get more technical in the turns to increase my speed.  I would love to start placing higher in races BUT that is not my priority.  I love Moto life and meeting all the people in the sport.  My goals are to get better and meet lots of Moto friends.

Competitive Highlights

I tried racing motocross for the first time in 2015 and loved it.  Broke my femur in early 2016 and just started racing again in 2018.  I do it for fun and the love of the sport.