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The Tunisia Health Declaration Form is an essential travel screening required for all foreign travelers wishing to enter Tunisia. This form is mandatory for all tourists who wish to travel to this African country. The form must indicate the intention to visit Tunisia. This is vital as the holder cannot travel abroad without it.

This is important as the holder cannot travel without the required authorization and visa. The Tunisia health declaration form is generally available at travel desks of various hotels and other places that provide tourist services. This is because the government in Tunisia requires all citizens to have a copy of the said document upon arrival in the country. This is so that the state can monitor visitors to the country, and track those with criminal records.

Two ways can be used to screen travelers for the Tunisia health declaration form. The first is border security inspection, where travelers are asked for their identification cards upon entering the country. The second is quarantine. Because contagious diseases can spread easily through contact, quarantine is an effective way to limit the number people you allow into the country.

When you arrive in Tunisia, the next step is to fill up the submitted form and return to the port of call. The consulate will verify your identity and send the documentation to you after receipt. Those who do not have the documentation needed to fill up the security inspection will be fingerprinted before being allowed to enter the country. After the fingerprinting procedure, a sample of your face must be submitted along with a copy of the approved passport and photo. The consul will inspect the submitted samples and determine if the requirements are met.

All applicants for Tunisia's health insurance plans or private health insurance plans that have been approved by the Tunisia government need to complete the submission form. This includes those who are applying for migration or who are settled in the country. You will need to include basic information such as your name, address, and contact numbers.

Tunisia does NOT require that travelers obtain Pronay or negative Covid-19 pcr tests before they arrive in the country. Pronay in Tunisia is not required. Instead, travelers are required to undergo blood tests and a colonoscopy at the airport prior to landing. If these procedures are performed, then you do not need to fill out the Tunisia health declaration form. You can ask your agent for assistance regarding the requirements.