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Personal History


I started riding when I was 6 and began racing soon after, at this point in time I was living in Stevensville Michigan about 20 minutes away from REDBUD. I raced there for around 5 years before moving back to Ontario Canada where I joined a club called Steel City Riders. This is a very family oriented club where everyone is very friendly and out there to have fun. I will be back at the club this year, however over the past couple years I have started to take racing a little more seriously. I took last year off to get into better shape and ride more often, as the previous year I had issues with fitness. However now I have put in the time and am ready to come back for a season of racing. I love racing especially at this club, its very family oriented but has now grown immensely having almost tripled in size in the past years. This season I will also big a big part of the World Enduro Canada series, which is a much larger series that is well marketed. This season I may also visit the U.S to do some races there with my friends, as well as some casual rippin' as well. All in all I'm in it to have a good time with friends, family and whoever else I meet along the way!

Riding Goals

For this season I really want to be top of my class this year for each event, I have the speed and I'm confident that I can come through. I would also like to get more involved with the community, talk to more people and overall just be a good role model for the large group of youngsters I'm constantly surrounded by.

For this year and onwards I would also like to get really involved with World Enduro Canada(WEC). I have been involved with these guys in the past however just for a couple events here and there. Last year I really started getting involved by helping to build a course for the last round, I really enjoyed the whole experience, everyone is very friendly. Plus I get to build courses with my friends, these events are a big deal and will be greatly marketed.


Competitive Highlights

Back in 2012 I raced my first World Enduro Canada (WEC) event, things went rather well for me, I've been racing these events here and there ever since. Here are the MXP Mag review of results.