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Personal History

I got my first bike at age 3, and been hooked since. I prefer to race off-road, and practice at the local motocross tracks on off weekends. I raced my first race at age 7, and was consistent and competitive until 2012. On December 27, 2011 I fell free riding with some buddies and broke my scapula. This break required surgery, leaving me with a pate and screws holding my scapula together. Unfortunately this held me back from fulfilling my dreams as a pro rider. I went pro soon after finishing rehab, but just couldn’t make the transition from a solid expert rider to a decent pro rider. This resulted in my buying a 2013 KTM 150sx, which allowed me to ride with more control to ride to my full potential and autumnally have more fun. I won the 2013 lite expert championship at TCCRA (Texas Cross County Racing Association), winning 8/12 races. I wanted to defend my #1 plate in 14’ but didn’t have any luck during the beginning of the year preparing for the season and had to go back to 5 more months of shoulder therapy. This put me out of the opportunity to battle for another championship, so I decided to only race the tracks I thought were fun. I ended up racing three races resulting in two 1st places and one 2nd at TCCRA, I also raced my first ever motocross race at Badlands MX in the Full Moon Series on June 28. I finished 4th overall in College boy, and 5th overall in 250B. For 2015, I like to race as much as possible with working two jobs. I will be at the local off road races and possibly race some more motocross races on my KTM 150sx. I will race the open expert classes at off road races, and intermediate/college boy at moto races.

Riding Goals

Id love to give the pro class another shot. Im currently working two jobs abd trying to get back into school. Once all gets settled i plan to buy a new bike and go pro. Until then,  i plan on winning as many expert races as i can on my KTM 150. 

Competitive Highlights

• 2005 TCCRA 65cc Intermediate champion​won 5/14
• 2007 TCCRA 85cc Intermediate champion​won 5/14
• 2010 TCCRA 125cc expert champion​won 8/12 and also won the Rossman (high point expert rider award)
• 2011 March 6-Morgan-TCCRA-1st 250 expert. March 20-TCCRA-2nd 250 expert. September 4-TCCRA-5th pro. December 4-TORN (Texas off Road Nationals)-4th pro.
• 2013 TCCRA 125cc expert champion​won 8/12
• 2014 March 29-TORO (Texas off Road Organization)-1st 125 expert-April 6-TCCRA-1st 125 expert. April 27-TCCRA-1st 125 expert. June 15-TCCRA-2nd 125 expert. June 28-Full Moon MX Series-5th 250B, 4th College boy
• 2015 January 4-TORO-1st 125 expert, 4th Overall