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Personal History

My name is Ranel Cox Jr., I am an "Adaptive Moto-X" X-Games athlete! What does that mean? I was paralyzed racing motocross as a 125 B rider in 2003 and I now ride an adapted KX250F in a new event at X-Games called "adaptive moto-x". Its debut was August 1st 2008 at X-Games 14 and I came in 4th place just outside of the medals. I was however, the 1st 250F rider.

The event has gotten a lot of coverage and has opened up a lot of doors and I am more than excited to be competitive racing motocross again. This event is no sideshow though! All of us are serious about doing good, and you have to be serious when they put you out there on a full on supercross track. I have been racing motocross for 18 years and with this new event I feel like my career has just begun.  

Riding Goals

This next year is really important to me and Im going to work very hard to get the gold next year at X-Games 15! Im currently building a supercross track at my house and am looking for a trainer to help me with my different circumstances. Im going to do everything I can do and hopefully it will be enough to achieve my goals. 

I want to have fun racing motocross! Its the greatest sport in the world and im looking forward to another year racing. The most fun thing to me is to beat able bodied riders, I dont want to be the best adapted rider. I want to be better than most riders, no matter if they have a disability or not!

It is great to have fun but the most fun would be GOLD AT X-GAMES 15!

Competitive Highlights

As an amateur before I was paralyzed I was very successful in my eyes. I won a total of 13 Arizona state championships in different santions ranging from the 50cc classes to the schoolboy classes.

As a 50cc rider I won the GFI World Championship that was held at Perris Raceway, as well as ministars that was held at Starwest. I had top 10 finishes at both Ponca city, and world mini.

I didn't race much in the 60cc class because I was hurt through most of it.

In the 85cc class I won 2 Grand Canyon state championships, as well as finished 2nd twice in the AMX state championship series. I won many local championships such as the PMP dealer series.

On big bikes is when I started to get my racing on track.

2002 AMX 125 C State Champion

2002 Grand Canyon 125 C State Champion

2002 Grand Canyon 250 C State Champion

2003 Glen Helen Yamaha Dealer Series 250 C Champion

2003 Glen Helen Amateur Day 250 C 2nd place

2003 Anaheim Supercross 125 C Champion

2003 AMX Schoolboy State Champion

2003 World Mini 250 C 4th Place

2003 Ponca City 250 C 5th Place

2003 Ponca City 125 C 7th Place

October 18, 2003 I crashed racing and it resulted in me being paralyzed.

March 2006 I started riding adaptive motocross.

As an adaptive racer I have won several races on the local level against able bodied racers.

August 1st 2008 X-Games 14 4th place.