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Rider Updates

Nov 28 2018

Mini O's didn't end up how i wanted it to, i was getting good starts but made some mistakes and got taken out twice in my 2nd motos. To say the least i had a lot of fun racing and doing what i love! Thank you to everyone who sticks behind me! Onto B class...

Nov 12 2018

As the year is coming to a close id like to thank all my sponsors for a great year of racing and i'm looking forward to an even better year in 2019! In 2019 i'm moving up to B class and looking forward to better results at the Loretta Lynn Ranch. Through out the year i'm going to be training hard for all the upcoming major amateur nationals!

Aug 10 2018

I raced the Loretta Lynn Amateur National Motocross Championship, my week at the ranch wasn't the best, my speed was there but I couldn't get a good start. After many bad starts I rode my own race and made many passes. Had some minor mistakes and had bike problems the last couple motos but all in all I had an amazing experience at the ranch and can't wait to improve my results there next year!

May 13 2018

Currently I am focused on qualifying for Loretta Lynn's, Training week in and week out on and off the track, with my trainer Dean Dyess. While training during the week i am racing every local and national race that i can to get closer to achieving my goal.

Jun 28 2015

just got done racing the 2015 kenny yoho i4 mx series and got 1st overall in schoolboy1 and 4th overall in 250c. When to WW ranch and blew up my bike! Now going to rebuild my bike and get ready for mini o's and winter ams!

May 3 2015

Have been riding alot and having FUN!! Just got back from WW Ranch and ive got to say that is the best Mx track ive ever been to!

May 1 2015

Just got done rebuilding the top end in my yz250f and heading out to WW Ranch! Gonna be a blast hope to meet some new competition!

Jan 31 2015

Practiced again at PAX - great ride in great weather.  The track was fast!   Blew out my back tire!   Can't wait though to get back to my home track, Bithlo Motosports next Wednesday.

Jan 25 2015

Just got back from practicing at PAX Trax motocross park in Bunnell Florida.  Bithlo was closed due to rain.   I love PAX track!  Lots of air and super fast turns.

May 24 2014

Been riding my new 250 at Bithlo Motosports and LOVING IT!  Getting used to the weight difference and power.  My first race on it will be next weekend at Waldo...going to ride 250C class.

Apr 28 2014

My parents surprised me with a new 2014 Yz250f!  I'm stoked!!!  Can't wait to ride.

Nov 10 2013

Crashed during practice at Thundercross & broke my right wrist.  Doc says I'll be out for 8 weeks.

Jun 30 2013

Just got home from Bithlo Motorsports where I got 1st place overall in the 9-11 class and 5th overall in Jr. Mini!  It was a hot day with a lot of riders and I had a lot of fun racing against my friends!

Mar 30 2013

Just got back from a 2 day camp with Dean Dyess at Thundercross MX Park in Okeechobee.  I learned alot, worked on my starts and conquered the triple!!!  I wish I could have stayed longer!!!

Dec 5 2012

Got my cast off!  It feels great!  Doc says I have to wait a few more days before I get back on the track.  I'm going to Donald Solley MX School on Monday night - it will be my first time on the bike since the accident.  I can't wait!!

Nov 21 2012

With my new cast I can grip the throttle!  My dad wouldn't let me ride my 85 but he let me ride the 80 and so I rode in my back yard with my new cast and had a blast.  Feels good to be on A bike, even if its not racing!!

Nov 21 2012

Went back to the orthopedic doc, got another xray.  He had to re-set the bone in my hand because it moved, so I got a new cast on and will be able to get it off on December 5th.

Nov 14 2012

Got a cast on my hand/wrist... well, what they call a splint.  I have to go back in a week to get an xray to make sure the bones are not moved around and growing correctly.  They say I can have the splint off in 3 weeks.  I can't wait to get back on my bike!!!!

Nov 11 2012

Bithlo (Waldo make-up race)...  Race day...crashed hard in practice. Fractured a bone in my right hand...I wasn't able to ride after that.  Totally BUMMED!!!

Sep 24 2012

Sunshine MX - Double points for the South Florida Series.  I took 1st place in Moto 1 but crashed hard in Moto 2 - making 5th overall for the day in the 9-11 class.  In the Jr. Mini I placed 5th in the 1st Moto, but DNS on the second due to injury.

Aug 21 2012

Almost through the 2012 Florida Series and working hard!

May 4 2012

I've raced the first 4 races of the 2012 Florida MX Series. This time I'm in the 9-11 class and not the beginner class. I'm seeing that I have a lot more competition and alot of work to do if I'm going to win in this series.  I'll be practicing alot in between races and going to the DSMX school on Monday nights at Bithlo Motorsports.

Mar 23 2012

Getting ready, practicing hard at Bithlo, for the FL Motocross Series that starts April 1st at Thundercross MX Park.  On the track 3 days a week and at the DSMX school on Monday nights with Donald Solley

Mar 4 2012

Getting ready for the Daytona Supercross. This will be my first AMA sponsored race and I'm up for the challenge. I've been practicing as much as I can and looking forward to the race!

Feb 8 2012

Can't seem to get the race schedule for the North South it going to happen this year?

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