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Personal History

Born raised and still live in Howell MI

graduated from Hartland high school in 1995

completed  Motorcycle Mechanics Institute 1997

started riding at age 6 , started racing at age 17 , moved to A class / pro-am in 2002 at age 25. started riding FMX in 2009 , FMX competitions  in spring 2010 , 1st FMX show in Dec 2010. I now race 35+A & 40+A and still ride FMX mostly for fun but still do shows when they are available.

My family and I also have our own track , FMX course and training compound . that many friends and fellow races come to train and practice at.



Riding Goals

1st and most important goal to me is to have FUN riding my dirt bike and to share my love of riding racing n jumping in a POSITIVE way with others especially kids and new riders. its the kids that give this awesome sport a solid future.

Im planning to race all 4 RacerX Senior Championship events in 2021 hoping for a top 3 overall finish in both 35+A and 40+A

I will also be racing the MICHIGAN STATE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES and AMA D-14 yearly point series .

And when i cant make it to the weekend races you will usually find me at a local track practice day . I ride alot . i agaerage 100+ hrs on my bike each year.

in 2022 I will turn 45yo and plan on competing at loretta lynn ama motocross championship in 45+ , goal is to get top 5 finish . its gonna take alot of training racing and hard work . I know I can do it !

jump Laroccos leap at REDBUD . 

Land a back flip off a FMX ramp to dirt . (iv done plenty into a foam pit )


Competitive Highlights


1997 AMA D-14 yearly point series - 5th place 125C

2004 AMA D-14 yearly point series - 4th place 25+

2006 raced at loretta lynn ama motocross championship in 25+

2012 LLQ regional REDBUD 35+  4th place

2010 FMX East amateur FMX contest @Sickair 1st place novice class

2010 FMX East amateur FMX contest @Durhamtown 2nd place Advanced class

and many top finishes at local mx events over many years.

biggest FMX show highlight was riding as a halftime show at a monster truck show in the Bristol motor speedway over 58,000 people were there it was quite an experiance.

Rode in Glamis CA sand Dunes. biggest jump was 250+ .. its awesome to fly that far =O..