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Personal History

Hello, my name is Luke. Don't let my age discourage you, because at the age of three, I first started riding, and the only way I've gone since then is up. Moto isn't just a hobby to me, its life. At this young age, I have time to greatly improve from my already great skill level, and with proper funding and or sponsorship, am willing to devote myself to the sport. About a year ago, I got in an accident in a race (Across the line, for a hairline win), I suffered from life threatening internal damage, a broken neck (along with nerve damage), a fractured upper and lower arm, collar bone, wrist, and thumb. I was laid up for months, had a month of physical therapy in which I had to learn all over again how to use my body from the neck down. Soon after months of extreme pain and recovery that seemingly will never be complete, I got back on a bike, only to find that I didn't know how to ride. Years of experience, gone to hell. But, despite what everybody thought, I made a remarkable comeback, and am now better than I ever used to be. Thanks to sponsors and other organizations, I was able to bring back a dead 01' CR125 I bought with money from a summer job, and make the most epic comeback ever. I was always hungry for the win, and now I'm back with a tapeworm. I hope you all consider me worth-while, because trust me, here at RSR Racing, all of my sponsors are number one. Are you number one?

Riding Goals

I'm at a fairly small scale right now, and in the future, since I'm into a little of everything, I want to pick a topic and ride it out into a career. Probably enduro. Anyway, I plan to finish top 3 everytime if I can, and do my best to be the most outstanding rider possible.

Competitive Highlights

I'm a very clean rider, but I still am willing to fight for the podium. I'm also very determined, I once finished 76 miles of a 100 mile enduro with a shattered collar bone, shoulder, muscle damage to the neck and shoulder, broken wrist, broken arm, and cracked 7th vert. Nothing can stop me from taking the win, and I'm willing to go the extra mile, and push myself to the limit, for the win.